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    Altitude is a multiplayer 2D aerial combat game developed and published by Nimbly Games featuring a cartoony art style, unlockable planes, and perks.

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    Altitude is a multiplayer dogfighting game with persistent RPG elements common in other multiplayer games. The game is intended to be played online on servers of up to 16 vs. 16, although an offline 3 vs. 3 practice mode against bots is available. The game features no campaign or storyline.

    Players can choose 1 out of 5 possible unlockable planes that can be customized with different perks. As players continue to play, they gain experience through common actions and can gain levels. These levels unlock new perks. With every perk unlocked, there are over 240 possible plane combinations to use. The game also has unlockable skins for the planes that can be unlocked by using Community Points (CP). Players can gain CP by installing a Facebook application, joining the Altitude Steam group, purchasing the game directly from the developer, or referring friends.

    Altitude's max level is 60. Upon reaching level 60, it is possible to return to level 1 and become an "Ace", similar to the Veteran system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. All unlocked perks will become locked again. For the first five "Ace" ranks, players will receive an additional slot for saving a plane loadout.

    Multiplayer Modes

    • Plane Ball - Score by shooting a ball into a goal, first to six wins.
    • Free-For-All Deathmatch - Basic deathmatch style, nothing fancy here
    • Team Deathmatch - Basic team deathmatch style, nothing fancy here
    • Team Base Destruction - Destroy the enemies base with a giant bomb. The bomb either spawns in the center of the map or one at each teams base.

    All of the above modes are also available in a "1 Life" variant, where players do not respawn.


    • Loopy- Health: 1/5 Speed: 5/5 Agility: 5/5
    Primary: Homing Missile
    Secondary: EMP/Acid
    • Bomber- Health: 4/5 Speed: 2/5 Agility: 4/5
    Primary: Grenade launcher

    Secondary: Tailgun/Bombs/Flak Tailgun

    • Explodet- Health: 5/5 Speed: 1/5 Agility: 1/5
    Primary: Rocket

    Secondary: Mine/Remote Mine

    • Biplane- Health: 3/5 Speed: 3/5 Agility: 3/5

    Primary: Long range Gun

    Secondary: Fast firing short range machine gun. (High recoil)
    • Miranda- Health: 1/5 Speed: 3/5 Agility: 4/5

    Primary: Bouncyshot/Laser

    Secondary: Reverse Warp


    Every plane has three plane-specific red perks that usually slightly alters the way the plane fires.

    Each plane can have one green perk and one blue perk.

    Green Perks:

    Rubberized Hull - Reduces collision damage and the concussion effect from explosions.

    Heavy Armor - Take less damage from gunfire.

    Repair Drone - Slowly repairs your plane while not using afterburners.

    Flexible Wings - Increased turn capability.

    Blue Perks:

    Turbocharger - Increased energy regeneration rate.

    Ultracapacitor - Increased maximum energy.

    Reverse Thrust - Allows reverse thrust.

    Ace Instincts - Increases bonus for veteran bars.

    PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
    • Processor: 1.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Graphics: 64 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB of free space

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