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Jonathan Coulton ( known as JoCo to fans ) is a singer/ songwriter/ guitarist/former programmer/self-described geek/monkey lover, born on December 1st, 1970. He's known widely for his "Thing A Week" Podcast, and writing Still Alive for Portal and "Want You Gone" for Portal 2. JoCo is a Yale graduate, and ex-programmer. While attending Yale, JoCo met John Hodgman of Daily Show fame. The two are still good friends to to this day.


  • Smoking Monkey (2003)
  • Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow (2004)
  • Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms (2005)
  • Thing A Week One (2006)
  • Thing A Week Two (2006)
  • Thing A Week Three (2006)
  • Thing A Week Four (2006)
  • The Aftermath (2008)
  • JoCo Looks Back (2008)
  • Artificial Heart (2011)


Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" exists as a track that can be played in


both in its original version and a remixed version sung by Jonathan Coulton himself. In the holiday season 2008, the Audiosurf team brought on 4 of his songs which included "Chiron Beta Prime", "Christmas Is Interesting", "Podsafe Christmas Song" and "IKEA" as part of their regular Audiosurf Radio update.

All of Jonathon Coulton's songs can be

purchased on his website

or from most

online cd vendors

. If you've downloaded his songs "by other means", Coulton allows you to donate money to him if you wish to still support his work.

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