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    The Rock Band franchise introduced the first rhythm game to incorporate drums and vocals in addition to guitar and bass instruments, creating a virtual band. It was also the first franchise to include genre staples such as Band World Tour, and character customization.

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    The Rock Band franchise is a series of rhythm games that simulate a full band experience, with guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, with a keyboard peripheral also added for Rock Band 3. All the games in the franchise have been developed by Harmonix Music Systems.

    While the Rock Band franchise has only three main numbered iterations, there have been numerous "Track Packs" released, which are stand alone discs that don't need any of the main games to play them. There have also been a handful of band-centric & themed spin-offs, including The Beatles, Green Day, and even a Lego-themed version that has more kid-friendly songs.

    Importing & Downloading Songs

    Besides the tracks present on-disc for each game, most of them have an import ability that allows players to carry songs from previous games into newer ones. There is also a wide selection of downloadable songs with new tracks added every week.

    • As of December 1st, 2009, over 1,000 songs had been released on the Rock Band platform. While some tracks were delayed from their announcement date, new content has debuted on the platform every single week since Rock Band debuted on November 20th, 2007.
    • At the Game Developers Conference in March 2012, Harmonix's John Drake stated that "We have delivered over 3,500 songs for the music platform, and have no plans to stop weekly releases any time soon."
    • On April 2, 2013, after 275 consecutive weeks of new content being released for the platform totaling over 4,000 songs, Harmonix announced that they would be ending weekly song updates for the platform.

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