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    CCP is an Icelandic MMO developer, most recognizable for their space-based MMO EVE Online.

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    In June 1997, three men - Reynir Harðarson, Thorolfur Beck, and Ívar Kristjánsson - founded Crowd Control Productions, or CCP, for the purpose of designing a new innovative MMO.   Originally CCP designed a board game called The Danger Game in order to raise capital for their idea of EVE Online.  
    By April of 2000, CCP had raised over $2.5 million from private investors such as the Icelandic telecommunications company Siminn.  In May 2003 CCP released EVE Online, its sole product which continues to grow and reach further success.   
    At first Simon & Schuster Interactive (a division of CBS) had published EVE Online in North America and Europe.  However, in January 2004, CCP reacquired publishing rights and switched to digital distribution.  On November 11th, 2006, CCP merged with White Wolf Inc. a company based in the United States; White Wolf became a wholly owned subsidiary of CCP and the two companies also announced a World of Darkness MMORPG.  On January 22, 2008, CCP reached an agreement with Valve for EVE Online to be published and marketed on Steam.  
    CCP also has subsidiary offices in Slough in the UK, Atlanta in the USA and Shanghai in China . 


     Originally Quafe had been an ingame Gallenete based corporation that sold the self named lemon-lime soft drink Quafe.
    Quafe Logo
    Quafe Logo
    Being the only soft drink in New Eden, it naturally was a huge success. In October 2004 CCP Games lauched the EVE Online virtual drink Quafe for sale at there website. It was $1.50 USD for a bottle and $15.10 USD for a six pack. The sale of the drink was later ceased.  

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