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    Gallente Federation

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    Gallente Is a playable race in EVE Online

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    Gallente Overview

     The Gallentean Federation is the only Race in EVE to have a society that uses Democracy and gives its people free will. They have had previous conflicts with the Caldari State as Caldari is the polar opposite of Gallentean values. Their current leader is President Jacus Roden.

    Gallente Ship Aesthetics

     Gallente ships generally are rounded and have turquoise, and white color to them to contrast those of the Caldari who have Gunmetal and light blue colored vessels. They also choose to name these ships after Greek and Roman myths such as Ares and Helios.

    Ship Strengths

      •  Ships use the armor plating of the vessel when needing to tank damage.
    •  Receive bonuses on most of their ships when using hybrid turrets, railguns, or blasters. 
    •  Drones are also used very widely in their ships and receive bonuses when deployed in ships such as the Dominix Battleship, thus they can essentially have drone fleets far numerous than other the other races. 

    Ship Weaknesses

    • Ships are slower in speeds than other the other races. 
    • Ships don't support as many high slots as other races, so fewer turrets all around.
    • Drones are sometimes their Achilles heel, players have learned to adapt to drone fleets and unlike turrets or missles, drones can be destroyed, once a drone is gone, your damage potential becomes reduced.


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