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    Dust 514

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 14, 2013

    DUST 514 was a free-to-play, persistent-world online competitive shooter focused on intense infantry combat augmented by powerful vehicles. It was set in and directly connected to the thriving player driven MMO universe of EVE Online.

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    Command Pit
    Command Pit

    DUST 514 was a persistent-world FPS game for the Playstation 3. It was in development for five years by CCP Shanghai. It took place in the same universe as Eve Online, and it was closely connected to the space MMORPG. Events in Eve Online affected the events in DUST 514 and vice versa. Players in Eve Online were able to, for example, hire DUST 514 players as infantry, send them resources or equipment, and so on.

    DUST 514 was shut down by CCP on May 30, 2016 and is no longer active. Forums for the game were maintained until September 2017 when they went offline as well.


    DUST 514 used Unreal Engine 3.


    The game featured first person shooter gameplay with vehicles. It mixed in strategy elements, similar to the commander feature in Battlefield 2. Players developed and customized their characters via a system similar to EVE's. Skills were bought to add and and refine capabilities. Fitting was used to customize your character for battle. The character fitting was similar to EVE's with low, medium, and high slots, and CPU/powergird budgets. Which dropsuit a character is equipped with determines what slots are available and the stat budget.

    Here is part of an interview with the CEO of CCP Games about the gameplay:

    Staging area
    Staging area


    From the press release, DUST will have also RTS elements. How can we imagine that?


    If you fight another team in DUST, you can use different tactics. We call this Off-Map-Support. This way “things” can be called to the battle and will last for the whole battle.


    Can you give examples?


    Well ok. Stationary weapons would be such an example.


    Okay. How about a Commander-Feature known from Battlefield? A strategic overview from where a commander can lead his troops?


    Yes, this will be included.


    Will it be the same in functionality and amount? Or rather low level? It is hard to display such tools on consoles.


    Our focus for one is, to create a shooter with strategic elements. We will support the player with the tools he needs to do strategic decisions and accomplish them. I can’t say more atm.

    Released at Fanfest 2011 (March 26 2011), a trailer for EVE: A Future Vision shows some of the possible integration between EVE: Online and Dust 514. It was also mentioned that most of the video was created using Carbon.


    Dropsuits were the foundations of your character/clone in Dust 514. Each dropsuit design came with a unique slot configuration, powergrid (PG) and CPU that permit a range of customizations. The number and type of slots determine the modules, weapons, and equipment that can be fitted.

    There were three major categories of dropsuits in Dust 514 each with speciality dropsuits, these are:

    • Light dropsuits: Scout
    • Medium dropsuits: Assault, Logistics
    • Heavy dropsuits: Commando, Sentinel


    The main weapon classes in Dust 514 included: sidearm weapons, light weapons, heavy weapons and grenades.


    Equipment items in Dust 514 focused on utility and support. The different types of equipment available to the player included:

    • Drop Uplinks (provides a new spawn point)
    • Nanite Injections (revive fallen team members)
    • Nanohives (provides ammunition to team members, some also heal)
    • Remote Explosives
    • Repair Tools
    • Active Scanners
    • Cloak Field


    Dust 514 had three categories of vehicles, which are: Light Assault Vehicles (LAV), Heavy Assualt Vehicles (HAV) and dropships.


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