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    World of Darkness

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    The new MMO from CCP, creators of Eve Online, based on the Vampire: The Masquerade setting. The game was officially canceled in April 2014.

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    This game is no longer in production, Originally, a number of planned features had been mentioned, with CCP stating that the game will follow a similar path to Eve, with players creating most of the world's 'quests' and storyline. Eve Incarna is being used as the prototype engine for the game, the rendering engine that will actually be used at time of release will be far more detailed. Based heavily on White Wolf's table top pen-and-paper RPG series "World of Darkness", the intention is to recreate the same feeling of gothic horror.

    Initially the only choice for a player to take will be to become a vampire. However, CCP had confirmed that the intention is to add more roles from the traditional World of Darkness universe, such as werewolves, mages, hunters, and so on. It was announced that the clans in the games will be “the originals” (comprising the traditional Camarilla and Sabbat sects), as opposed to the "Final Nights" bloodlines, and "thin-bloods." There will be a system for dealing with generation, but it won’t be tied to leveling. There will be multiple cities and communication between them, with the chance for a human player to become the Prince (the ruler) of that city, with the Prince being able to order Final Death to other human players. Caitiff (clanless vampires) will not be included upon release because CCP cannot make them function in an enjoyable fashion. Casual players will be able to enjoy the game, however, more hardcore players will get the most out of the experience. There will be no day/night cycle, only night.

    Humanity as a stat is included, it exists to prevent griefers. Causing issues for others and breaking the masquerade will lead to a low humanity, which will tag you for PvP and make you fair game for any player. Friends and social interaction are key, you will not be able to climb far in vampire politics without people to support your cause. Players will be able to climb to Prince levels of power and run an entire city. Players will have their own haven. Upon release only kindred and mortals will be playable, no werewolves or mages. They may however be included as NPCs. MMO character sheet will be very similar to the pen and paper version. Character names over players' heads by default will be turned off, they can be enabled, however. The game world/environment will change over time due to player actions. Diablerie (draining an elder vampire of their blood to steal the power) is under heavy discussion currently. It will be one world server with no shards/instancing. Torpor is in the game as a means of explaining a death that isn't permanent.

    CCP is aware that WoD is an adult setting and will not limit blood, violence, language, or nudity within the game. However such things will have a purpose and not be included for the sake of it. The game client will have a built-in PDF reader to allow players to read backstory and lore for anything they are confused about.CCP are working on their own kind of in-game Skype so players can talk to one another instead of having to type. Whilst speaking, your in-game character will emote.


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