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    Me & My Katamari

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 21, 2006

    Me & My Katamari is the third game in the Katamari Damacy series and the first to appear on a handheld system. It is also the first Katamari game with no involvement from the series creator, Keita Takahashi.

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    The game begins when the King of All Cosmos decides that the Royal Family should go on an island vacation to Earth. However, his excitement over the vacation creates a tsunami that causes much destruction to a nearby island. The King makes the Prince go to Sunflower Continent, in order to gather resources to build new islands for those devastated from the tsunami.


    While the basic premise of the game is similar to previous Katamari games, the controls are much different due to the fact that the PSP lacks the dual-analog stick that the PS2 controller has. Players use the d-pad and face buttons to move, while L and R are used for sharp turns. The lone thumb-nub can be used for movement instead of the d-pad, however this was only included in the North American release.


    The game features an ad-hoc multiplayer mode where each player has their own island. Up to 3 people can travel to someone's island, and they can challenge each other in rolling the most valuables.


    Disc One
    1. "Overture 3"   Overture Ⅲ 2:35
    2. "Katamari on the Funk"   塊オンザファンク 10:22
    3. "Katamaresort"   カタマリゾート 3:04
    4. "Shabadoobie"   シャバドゥビー 3:01
    5. "Jesus Island"   ジーザスアイランド 4:47
    6. "Family Damacy"   Family魂 4:41
    7. "Katamari on the Moog"   塊オンザムーグ 0:32
    8. "Shine! Mr. Sunshine"   輝け!Mr.サンシャイン 5:36
    10. "DAN DON FUGA"   DAN DON FUGA 2:14
    11. "Meadowtronic"   草原トロン 4:27
    12. "One Chip March"   ワンチップマーチ 2:43
    13. "Do Re Mi Katamari Do"   ドレミカタマリド 3:13
    14. "Starlight Jamboree"   スターライト・ジャンボリー 2:56
    15. "Everyone Dancing Katamari Damacy"   みんなDancing塊魂 1:00
    16. "LOVE & PEACE & Katamari Damacy"   LOVE&PEACE&塊魂 0:43
    17. "Big Cosmos Salon"   大コスモサロン 3:03
     Disc Two
    1. "In a Muddle"   In A Muddle 7:05
    2. "KANEWOOD EDGE ~ Morning"   KANEWOOD EDGE~morning 0:40
    3. "None But the Lonely Heart... Op. 6-6"   HET,TOЛЬКО ТОТ,КОТЗНАЛ・・・Op.6-6 2:51
    4. "Presto Scherzando"   Presto Scherzando 1:35
    5. "Appassionate, Allegro Moderato ~ From "Tales of Eternia Online""   Appassionate,Allegro Moderato テイルズ オブ エターニア オンラインより 2:15
    6. "Super Taiko Damacy"   跳太鼓魂 0:59
    7. "None But the Lonely Heart... Op. 6-6"   HET,TOЛЬКО ТОТ,КОТЗНАЛ・・・Op.6-6 2:58
    8. "Super Taiko Damacy ~ Refrain"   跳太鼓魂~リフレイン 0:26
    9. "Sadness"   Sadness(悲しみ) 1:42
    10. "Stizzoso"   Stizzosso(おこりん坊さん) 1:08
    11. "KANEWOOD EDGE ~ Day"   KANEWOOD EDGE~day 0:33
    12. "Con Energico"   Con Energico 5:49
    13. "Sento nel Core ~ Arrange Version from "Splatterhouse""   Sento nel core(私の心が痛みます)スプラッターハウスよりアレンジバージョン 4:24
    14. "Kuttsuki Taro"   くっつき太郎 2:43
    15. "Misterioso"   Misterioso 3:03
    16. "Chaotic Ambience"   カオティック アンビエンス 0:54
    17. "Andante, Con Moto, Grandioso"   Andante,Con moto,Grandioso 1:41
    18. "Big Fire"   Big Fire 1:55
    19. "Night Moo Moo"   ナイト・ムームー 0:41
    20. "KANEWOOD EDGE ~ Star"   KANEWOOD EDGE~star 9:55

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