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Now beat a Soulsborne with a three year old and an infant! Everything else is easy.

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Every Game I've Beaten (That I Remember)

So somewhere in the darkness of the late 90s, I decided that the breadth of games that I had gone through merited a list. Perhaps for absurdity's sake, perhaps to try and convince myself to kick the "childish" habit; whatever the case, I now have proof positive that I've done some dumb things in my life, I'm a proud (and old) gamer, and I wish to share that very madness with the Giantbomb community.

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    Yea, awful. Broken ass final boss. I may even go so far as to say the worst Mega Man game of all.

  • After not having the right equipment to beat the last boss and not wanting to try again, I finally got through both of these. Glad I did, this series has a bit of a grind, but I'm still a sucker for the action RPG.

  • This is kinda cheating since I beat em all separately too. Oh well!

  • Another retrospective (PS2 in 2011?!). Somewhat contentious as I didn't get the fifth and last ending of the game. But I'll be /damned/ if I'm gonna find/discover/race toward/collect all 65 weapons in a Dynasty Warriors-like game. Decent balls-out crazy story though.

  • So I forget what convinced me to buy a Dreamcast, but I did, and I got this. Now I assure you it's nostalgia, but I remember loving this game somethin fierce. Maybe it was cuz it was the first Sonic game I owned, maybe it was the multiple character playthroughs that blew my mind at the time. But I basically got every emblem in this.

  • Now this is how movie-games should be! Complete disregard for keeping it family friend, huge love for the source material, loosely related to the movie material, and builds it up so it can go all sorts of crazy non-movie places if successful. Would love to see a sequel of this game based off of its ending.

  • Perhaps the biggest shame, especially since I don't find it to be the worst game I've ever played. I would've played the second one if I could find it. Gross, right? I'll skip the Kinect one though.

  • Played this far later, was able to rush through it and swallow the bitter pill for continuity's sake.

  • Phoenix Wright but much less text and way easier. At least it looks exactly like the show. Try to find Guile and Dhalsim!

  • I don't really get the meter part that well, but it's a solid Sega game, enjoyable.

  • More of the same, but that doesn't make it any worse. Less memorable I guess since I don't remember most of it. I just recall the cliffhanger ending.

  • First fighting game to be /mastered/. I regularly played this on the top difficulty, and that was before I had a good grasp on how to do uppercuts. They were hard!

  • My buddy got to Mecha (not Metal...Silver?) Sonic when we were young and he played for like 40 minutes with one ring, we went fucking nuts when he beat him. Then died at Robotnik and got so pissed. Years later I cruised through it, but man, great memories.

  • This was a weird, really really hard game as a kid. The last level had this stupid slots thing that you had to do in a certain amount of time (or was it pulls) to win. Totally bogus.

  • Think Yakuza with a Dam Jam-esque backdrop (less Carmen Electra though). I actually thought it was a pretty good take on PS2-generation brawlers. I remember you could do a kick-off-wall-punch that was pretty fly.

  • A classic. Imagine Mario 64 but with tons of kooky British humo(u)r and way more things to collect. The variation in level designs and goals and the amount of moves available to you made it a joy to keep playing and playing.

  • You got lucky Activision. Just enough of this subtle decision-impact to make this game worth going through. Bet you can't pull this off again though!

  • I liked the grapple, and shooting with the wiimote didn't feel bad. Still didn't blow me away though. Maybe spoiled since I played Other M before this.

  • Oh, hey Ultimate Destruction but shinier. Seemed a little weak for a sequel to that monster. Maybe cuz it was movie-tied. Also pre-Prototype.

  • I'm a British gentleman. I've turned into a young explorer! I GAIN POWER THROUGH TETRIS ATTACK! JESUS CHRIST IT'S TEA TIME! THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!

    Really, it's stupendous.

  • Was really really bad/rusty at this game at first, but once I got a feel for the vehicles, I was relatively back in it. I remember sorta breaking the game at the final boss, but whatever, got beat.

  • Played Red Joker. Again, hated the bosses. Some of the levels felt fresh though. Literally thought I was playing 2 for the first few hours though.

  • The visual and gameplay style was a nice departure, but you need more than that to impress. It just felt like a Halo that they got five new staffers on.

  • At first, thought this ruined the Mega Man franchise in my mind. But by the time I beat it, I respected it for what it was. Not the superb classic most see it as (I need a helmet, thanks Legends 2), but good.

  • I dunno, the helmet just makes it better. Wish I remembered a single thing about the story in this game.

  • My expectations were almost too high after that first level (the next few felt like a pittance. But the simple story got me and I loved how stupidly fun this all way. Might even break protocol and get the Part IV DLC for this bad boy.

  • A short, cutesy little platform/shooter deal. Honestly don't remember much at all.

  • Don't remember much of anything about this, actually. Too glitzy/showy? Something looked a bit wrong about this one.

  • No different than 1. Yep.

  • More whippin? yeah, sure, okay.

  • The worst part is I played the DS, PS2, AND 360 versions. Why? Cuz I hate myself, obviously. Honestly, the 360 was probably just for points. The rest has to be hate though, right? Ugh.

  • This is how you do an open world hulk game. 100 foot mechs, bust any building down, car fists.

  • Illusion of Gaia's sorta predecessor. Mix that game with Actraiser and you get this game. It's pretty good, probably would've loved it as a kid, but I played this real late in life.

  • A classic! I remember seeing a friend playing it and thinking it looked majestic, but didn't have any interest in "games with numbers" (RPGs, basically). A couple years later, this game took me in and I became engrossed hard. That mask dude was creepy. I still have to play Sei. Den. 3 and Secret of Evermore...

  • A fighting game I can beat in 20 minutes? Done.

  • So very short and lacks memorable moments. Decent customization of weapons, but nothing spectacular.

  • Okay, hear me out. REALLY good fighting game. Like I'm astounded how great it is. The characters actually lend themselves well to this. It's a weird not-3D sorta deal, story is, well, it keeps things going. Emerl's a beast once you get to that part in the story. Really quality.

  • Such a weird take on how to make a game. Seemed to get easier as you went on. Not storywise though. That just, uh, left. I still wanna good explanation for those mutant bugs at work.

  • A classic. Played after it's time, but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Growing up on the original, I didn't think I'd still like the feeling of aimlessness, but this game had a nice mix of leading you and letting you explore.

  • Exact same as above, no lie. Maybe a touch harder?

  • Finally had enough time away from the franchise to love it all over again. Great improvements across the board (aside from stupid rover to stupid probes). Can't wait for 3. Also, Mordin died for /no/ reason.

  • Used to be great at this game. Just recently tried the disc again to find out it was defunct. Very bummed.

  • I got through it quick, so this was an easy strategy game. Does anyone else just assume that in every strategy game you'll have funny multi-click responses a la Warcraft II?

  • Ho lord. Lazy zombie Sigma is worst Sigma. Series sorta jumped the shark giving X the sabre. This and X5 had quality music still though.

  • Sorta got back to basics, but still nothing super. Glad to at least seem the inch away from Sigma. Crossin my fingers for the X series to continue/reboot!

  • I almost forgot! I owned and beat this. Was totally mad when my mom just randomly picked up this golden cartridge, as I had no idea what it was (and it wasn't more TMNT perhaps?). It was really weird, but I enjoyed finding things. Beat it way way later in life, but really big concepts from back in the day.

  • Cute little game. 3D coloring book, music for each color. Seminal girlfriend game (in my experience anyways)

  • Gameplay's better here, but I intentionally stopped paying attention to the lack of a story. Almost more generic than the first despite its Shanghai setting. Customization better and worse.

  • An isometric take on the jiggy quests of old. Resets the story with time travel, but it's more Banjo-Kazooie, so it's hard to complain about that.

  • Controls were garbage, but I muscled through it for whatever reason. I think I'm running outta good games to beat...

  • Worst song in a game ever. Popped this out so quick it was chemically impossible to register the shame I should've felt from it.

  • Helluva game! Fixed everything that I griped about with the first, and boy that ending was something to behold.

  • Oh, I beat this? Shows how much I'm fully apathetic to this series.

  • This game absolutely grew on me. Didn't see the flag races and all the other window dressing as a detraction from the new ideas that sprang from this game.

  • I remember a baby flying a plane and that Soy sauce or whatever song? Terrible. Friend and I got through it, that's the last I ever wanna think about this poor man's Parappa.

  • My first foray into this franchise. I liked it! All the holds and counters get pretty intense, but it felt good. This confirms Virtua Fighter as being dead last of the big fighting games.

  • First time I played this, it kicked my ass and I questioned whether or not I'd ever be able to get through it. The second time, I persevered and played a really great action game. Nothing better than a thick amount of meta in my story.

  • I remember renting this before I really knew much about Kirby and being kinda disappointed. I really thought you could eat the whole level and such. They should make a meta Kirby game like that. It'd be like epic yarn but even more so!

  • A fun game that knows how to do quick right.

  • What better a way to start this list? Competent shooter, Tony Yayo, helicopters as bosses. Big ass ramps.

  • Played 2 first, so this was hard to play, felt gimped without the spin dash. Pretty easy compared to the complexities of the later games.

  • Kinda wimpy Gamecube game, actually a half decent GBA game. Who would've thought?

    I wonder how that Simpsons wrestling game felt in comparison to this..

  • Played Gregar. You can see them getting ready for Star Force here with the gameplay. Meh otherwise.

  • This game felt disappointingly less vertical when compared to the movie games, but don't let that make you think this an inferior game. Quite the contrary, this is quite a gem. Takes alotta what makes the Ultimate universe unique and uses it to its advantage. Feels loose, crazy, zany, everything Spider-man should be.

  • Overstayed its welcome with me. Got super stumped at that part where you close the DS, but otherwise I mostly kept up. Maybe I just have a thing against supertext games. Great story, decent gameplay.

  • Remember Diddy Kong Racing? It's that but just the flying. Still perfectly good though.

  • COLORS! I kinda zoomed through this one late in life. I think I preferred the Oracle games to this one, but it was still totally worth going through as it is zelda.

  • I wrote the entire page for this on Giantbomb. So yes, I liked it. Not the best RPG ever, but I think it deserves a bit of credit for what it tried to do.

  • My second SNES game after SMW. I actually really liked this. (Back then) it was really really good looking, some good fan service. Probably seems super awkward if I'd play it now, but that's alright. Good memories. That NES game was a bitch with Coyote-on-rocket-shoes.

  • Normal action platformer. I played this game and The Tick at the same time, so I always think of them together.

  • A nearly exact iteration from the first. I played this way after the first, so it felt like it wasn't as eye-opening. Still every bit as fun though.

  • This is one ugly ass game. It plays like alotta crap too, but I remember liking it, probably cuz of the fan service of including everyone ever.

  • Again, I see things you could've done to make this Halo but something new. Instead it's just Halo. And that's great, but...arg. I just hope Bungie progresses its ideas rather than just polishing.

  • Most boring, repetitive of the bunch. Definitely limited by the PSP

  • Gorgeous game, very quickly won me over. I worried so bad that the boss would be some "Here's a laser gun, now fight!" sorta bunk, but it remained perfect to the tone. Little did I know, Team Ico was just gettin started...

  • It's super hard to play now compared to 64 and the like (no reticule, real wobbly), but still crazy to think how great this game was and looked way back when.

  • One of the best games on the PS2, hands down. The leveling systems, the traversal, the bonus levels. Arg, so perfect! And no one's played it!

  • Thought this was good way back when, maybe it was the Green Jelly music. Looks pretty awful, doesn't play much better.

  • Played Leo. I dunno, I liked putting the Mega Man layers more on top of the real world rather than this abstract, jacked-in internet. Sorta hoped for Geo to break the trend of super optimistic leads. Alas.

  • This is like if Bayonetta was done all wrong. I will say this though, truly gorgeous game. I've never seen video game scenery like this.

  • A little improved over the first two, I think I may've even liked this one?

  • Heard good things, figured I could quickly get through this game. OH GOD ITS SO SO LONG. Slowest burn I can think of off the top of my head. It was a great story, but I feel like half of it could've been sliced out with little consequence. Dunno if I'll delve into any of the sequels, but I know I should at least see.

  • Story kinda ruined this for some reason? It was obvious but not but was. Same great gameplay though.

  • This was real enjoyable. We need more Nintendo games that stretch out the few characters they have into crazy new genres like this more often.

  • Oh lord, what have they done to Sonic games? Maybe this is how they always were, but woof. And of course, have to get the "real" ending, so have to keep redoing levels. Damn you Sega!

  • This is probably one of the neatest platform/shooter games on the GBA. If you love Osamu Tezuka, you'll get more fan service than you can shake a stick at. A second playthrough (New Game plus style) is slyly built into the main story. I didn't mind playing it as much as I possibly could.

  • The last game but with a shaky cam to make headshots maddening. Felt nice to play through the RE timeline that I missed the first few times I guess.

  • Played Zerker x Saurian. Remember nothing of great import otherwise. Just a sucker for these games damnit. Oh, unless this is the one they revamped the wave paths in. Whichever game did that, good on whoever thought that up.

  • My Mortal Kombat buddy and I got through this asshole of a game. Those small biplane races get super difficult. You have to be perfect with the last couple to win, and somehow we did it. Trucked through the rest, but it was neat to see varied gameplay. It was like a poor man's pilotwings.

  • So like I said earlier, I kinda have a weak spot for sonic games. So keep that in mind. It's not that they're even that great, I just wanna play em for some morbid reason. At least this is 2d?

  • You KNOW this is the best in the series. The Sigma battle alone carries the whole game in my eyes. Double blew my mind as a kid.

    Oh, I do the crooked C-shaped finger method of dash-jump-shoot. Does everyone else double tap?

  • Game held up about as good as the movie. GoW ripoff, maybe the first one out the door. Unfortunately, quickly found out that's harder to do than it sounds like.

  • BEARS! Also a fantastic puzzle game. Move over Puzzle Quest!

  • I can beat your game in four hours? Alright, whatever. I'm bored.

  • I don't see where they went wrong with this. Everything was in place, but it felt bad. Not even the wonder that was the first game, but actually bad. I mean I know, I TOTALLY know that the babies made it pretty bad, but even the levels were crappy, the bosses, everything. Very disappointing.

  • They made some real novel concepts here in bringing over the film concepts. Good addition, shame they didn't get to make another.

  • Tremendous followup to the first game. Best setting I could imagine for this game, most things wrong with the first were gone, and the good things got even better.

  • Felt a bit worse than X4, but still quality. Hueg Sigma pales in comparison to Kaiser Sigma in X3 or whenever that was. And that space shuttle garbage? Who thought that was an idea?!

  • Played this on PC actually. First Sonic game I legit beat. Ykno I liked it. Definitely with Jeff on this one being the best.

  • The best of girlfriend games. Eponymous and I played through this all the way. Hit a hard part? Grab the other player and go. Impossibly adorable. But don't come lookin for a challenge.