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    Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble!

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 02, 2005

    Viewtiful Joe remains true to its form in this handheld debut, while introducing some new moves utilizing the DS touch screen.

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    Developed by Capcom and published by Nintendo, Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble takes place in an action movie inspired amusement park where director Captain Blue's new movie is being filmed. When all of a sudden terror strikes and a gang of villains known as "Madow" steal the only copy of the film.


    Gameplay wise Double Trouble sticks closely to its console brethren and is a cross between platformer and beat' em-up with the DS touchscreen playing an integral part in the structure of the gameplay, allowing players to use Joe's VFX powers in order to defeat enemies, battle bosses and solve puzzles.

    Much of the VFX powers revolve around the gauge underneath the life bar which drains when used but replenishes itself over time. The size of the bar can be lengthened by collecting the "V-Tapes" scattered throughout the game's 6 "Scenes".


    Developed by Clover Studio, a subsidiary of Capcom, The game was announced at E3 2004 under the moniker Viewtiful Joe DS and was developed by a team of 20 people over one year with acclaimed director Hideki Kamiya acting as an advisor and scenario writer for the game.


    Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble received mostly positive critical feedback with IGN scoring the game an 8.5 out of 10 praising the smooth transition from console to handheld while criticizing the sometimes cumbersome touch controls.


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