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    Viewtiful Joe

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    Viewtiful Joe is the titular character of the game of the same name. He uses his V-watch to manipulate time and transform into his tight spandex costume.

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    Joe was a regular guy who was a huge fan of the "Captain Blue"  movies. One day he took his girlfriend Silvia to a theater to watch a Captain Blue movie with him, during which the villain from the movie came out of the screen and captured Silvia. Then the hero of the movie, Captain Blue, grabbed Joe and brought him into the movie. When Joe was transported into the movie, he fell into movieland, where he found Captain Blue who asked for Joe's help. Captain Blue gave Joe a V watch and told him to activate it by saying "henshin". Joe replied by saying "henshin go go baby" and turned into Viewtiful Joe.   
    Joe began fighting his way through movieland, he went through enemies like Charles the Third, Hulk Davidson, Gran Bruce, Alastor, and Fire Leo. When Joe finally reached the villain who kidnapped Sllvia, he revealed himself to be Captain Blue. It was also revealed that Captain Blue was Sllvia's father. Joe then fought and defeated Captain Blue, who abandoned his villain ways and became a hero once again. Captain Blue told Joe and Silvia that there was more to the story (referring to videogame sequels) and they were in good hands because he would be the director. Finally, Silvia got a V watch, allowing her to have Viewtiful powers like Joe. Ever since, Joe and Silvia work together to fight evil. 


    • Joe's t-shirt has the words "HMD" on the front, which stands for 'His Master's Dance', a reference to a title of a movie within the Viewtiful Joe universe.  

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