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The Rocketeer is a game based on the 1991 movie, which in turn is based on a comic book series featuring a jetpack-wearing superhero in the late 30s around and during World War II. The player assumes the role of Cliff Secord on a mission to stop a terrorist organization from stealing a jetpack. The terrorists have also kidnapped his girlfriend Jennifer Blake, who requires rescuing.

There are two versions of the game: the original 1991 NES game from Bandai that plays like a regular platformer that occasionally incorporated Cliff's ability to fly with the jetpack. It was followed the same year by NovaLogic's PC game which played more like a series of mini-games, and this is the version that would be ported to the Super Nintendo in early 1992. Neither game was critically well-received; common for licensed games of the 16-bit era.


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded The Rocketeer as their Worst Movie-to-Game of 1992.

Critical Reception

When released Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded the scores of 4,6,5,6 stating, "...Despite the nice graphics the cart is boring and way too short."


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