Games better than expected

These are games that I played through, and while not gems unto themselves, were far more enjoyable than one would expect.

List items

  • The DS version of this game is a remarkably competent racer while being buck wild crazy at the same time

  • I honestly didn't know what kind of game this was gonna be when I picked it up. Somehow it's a bullet hell game, and a really good one at that.

  • Despite how much I loathed the NES game (i.e. "This isn't Zelda!"), this was a really neat looking game with some interesting concepts at the time, despite it's sorta broken gameplay(heal heal heal heal heal).

  • The character of this game won me over, as generic as the shooting/swordplay/acrobatics was.

  • One of the few games to successfully take a movie tone and pull it off. Also, a great Ron Perlman cameo.

  • Resident Evil 4 but with a glaive? Voiced by Lex Luthor/The Flash? It somehow works.

  • Resident Evil 4 on a boat. Again, works pretty well

  • After the QL, I figured this was gonna be garbage. The levels fly by and the bosses are interesting (third person action bullet hell?).

  • A really's a throwback.

  • Who knew that a dodgeball game could win over a non-sports lover?

  • Japan's craziness hits a high as you suck the blood of giant humans. Something beautiful about how nuts this concept is.

  • I add this because despite being meh-okay for a licensed game, it is also one of the very few games to rationalize why it's okay to fall off a cliff and get a game over.