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    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Sep 15, 2009

    An homage to obscene grindhouse-style movies, WET is a third-person action/shooter soaked in blood and violence. Featuring the voice acting talent of Eliza Dushku & Alan Cumming.

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    Rubi's got firepower
    Rubi's got firepower

    Wet is a third person action game developed by A2M and published under Bethesda Softworks.

    The gameplay is focused on stylized combat in which the main character, Rubi, can perform various acrobatic moves and quick combat maneuvers. Players are able to target multiple targets at once, and maneuver at high speeds. Rubi can run sideways along walls, slide and even jump astonishing heights. WET is an action game along the lines of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, and has the basic characteristics of shooters like Gears of War or Wanted. The game also allows for hand-to-hand combat and melee attacks, with the use of a sword or grapples.


    It's all about the combos!
    It's all about the combos!

    The action in WET takes place in a few different ways, with a general focus being on obtaining score multipliers by killing waves of enemies. Rubi can shoot like in a normal third person shooter, in which the reticule will fire both weapons she is currently holding, but when she jumps, or slides, shooting will activate a slow motion mode similar to that of Max Payne. In this mode one hand will lock onto an enemy by default, while you can free aim the gun in her other hand to shoot at different targets and pull off head shots.

    While the game has many instances of normal linear progression, the emphasis for gameplay is placed on "arena" sections, in which Rubi is locked into a confined location, and waves of enemies will continually pour in, until Rubi smashes certain objects, preventing enemies from respawning. The player can move through these sections quickly by putting a quick focus on smashing the enemy spawn locations, but the game grades performance in these areas not just on how quickly you pass through, but also on how acrobatic you were, and how many enemies you killed. For getting high ratings at the end of each arena area, the player is rewarded with points that they can use to upgrade Rubi's weapons, or purchase new acrobatic abilities


    With a focus reminiscent of the Tony Hawk franchise, the player is encouraged to use acrobatics at nearly all times during the combat heavy portions of the game. Rubi has a vast array of moves she can use, and can also purchase additional upgrades as you progress through the game. Not only can you attain a multiplier by killing enemies while in slow motion, but you can string together successive moves to advance or maintain a score multiplier. For example; Rubi can slow motion shoot while wall running, then jump, keep shooting, and move into a slide, and finish off whatever enemies there are. Initially, high scores are used merely to unlock more abilities for Rubi, but after finishing the campaign, the player can play previous levels in a score challenge mode.

    Rage Mode

    Rubi is very unhappy.
    Rubi is very unhappy.

    During some areas of the game, Rubi will enter a room, be charged at by a pretty worthless enemy, shoot him square in the head, and get his blood all over her face. This seems to trigger an almost blood lust like state for Rubi, and she will put on her war face, accompanied by blaring sirens. The game shifts dramatically to a more stylized look, and this is known as "Rage Mode." While in this mode, the focus shifts from an overall combo multiplier to measure score, and instead measures the player's performance purely on their kill count. The kill count still acts as a combo though, and going too long without dispatching a foe will reset the count. Also much like the combo meter, the higher the player's kill count is, the quicker the meter drains.

    Rubi doesn't regenerate health in this mode as quickly as she does in the other arena segments, which encourages the player to be far more aggressive with enemies. The player still maintains their acrobatic slow motion abilities though, which is helpful to keep charging enemies at a distance, or for removing large clusters of foes quickly.


    As the story begins, Rubi is hired by the son of Mr. Ackers to retrieve a briefcase, which contains a heart that Mr. Ackers needs for an emergency heart transplant. Rubi is successful, and returns to her home in Texas afterward. Some time later, Rubi is approached by Mr. Ackers, to retrieve his son, who he worries has fallen in with a drug cartel in China, and wishes for him to be retrieved, so that he can return to being the heir to the Ackers' drug organization.

    After a good deal of time searching for him, Rubi locates Ackers' son, and brings him to the man that hired her. The man and his goons kill him, and then turn on Rubi, rather than paying her. Rubi gets away wounded, and sets off to figure out what happened, so that she can exact her revenge. This leads her to London, where she seeks information on Mr. Ackers, where she storms his mansion and kills many of his men, only to figure out the person that hired her was not actually Mr. Ackers.

    Rubi discovers the man she's looking for is Rupert Pelham, who is trying to take over various drug empires to push his own product. As Rubi finally discovers the identity of her real target, she sets off to blaze a trail of destruction, stopping at nothing until Pelham is dead.


    Dual Pistols

    The default weapon for Rubi, her modified revolvers never run out of ammo, and are always the best weapons for head shots.


    The sword acts as Rubi's default melee attack, but can be upgraded to be more useful for acrobatic attacks and combos.

    Dual Shotguns

    Best used for enemies with a lot of health, Rubi's shotguns pack a tremendous amount of damage at close range.

    Dual Sub-Machine Guns

    For dealing with large groups of enemies as quickly as possible, Rubi's best bet is her dual SMGs.

    Dual Explosive-Tipped Crossbows

    One of the more unique weapons for Rubi, her dual crossbows fire explosive-tipped bolts, which detonate on contact.


    WET's soundtrack boasts featuring both an original score, along with a veritable feast of alt-rock tracks, 35 in total from 20 different bands. The score for the game was recorded over a four day period, and was composed by Brian LeBarton in Los Angeles, featuring an interesting/unusual cast of musicians (such as Carla Azar of the band Autolux). The 'compilation' side to WET's soundtrack features contributions from a plethora of bands and artists, chiefly representing the alternative 'rockabilly' and 'trip hop' music scenes respectively:

    • Knock Gallery West (Undead West, Murder, As We Ride)
    • Long Tall Texans (Adventure, Why Did You Lie To Me?)
    • New Skool Kings (Surf Song)
    • The Chop Tops (El Diablo, Teddy Boy Stomp, Radium Rag)
    • Bert Selen (Western Rock)
    • Creepin' Cadavers (Aquarium, Frankie Dig A Hole)
    • The Gutter Demons (The Offer)
    • Gypsy Pistoleros (Una Para Todo Es Bandido, Switchblade Kiss Comes Close, The Crazy Loco Loquito)
    • Agents Del Futuro (The New Gils)
    • The Arkhams (She's Lost Control, Insane)
    • Three Bad Jacks (Crazy In The Head)
    • The Hypnophonics (Invasion, Romance With A Rapist, Dead Meat, Children Of The Atom, Scream)
    • The Creepshow (Rock N Roll Sweetheart)
    • The Brains (You're Dead)
    • Corpse Show Creeps (El Matador, Rebel Rock)
    • Mushroom Lounge (So Fine In The Sunshine)
    • Brasstronaut (Old World Lies, Requiem For A Scene)
    • Echo Pilot (Three Village Sound Clash)
    • Eliazar (Flyin' By)
    • Notorious MSG (Chinatown Hustler)

    As you progress through the game, you unlock these songs for sampling in the menus.


    Sierra entertainment was originally publishing Wet, but after Activision all but destroyed Sierra, WET was left in limbo. Bethesda Softworks then picked up the publishing rights, and released the game in September of 2009.

    E3 Trailer and Bethesda Softworks Website

    The trailer of WET shown at E3 2009 and the Bethsoft sub-site for WET portraying the game as an homage to grindhouse films and fighting epics such as Kill BIll, using period music, self-referential humor, and over-the-top action and kills. Players can execute acrobatic moves, ranged combat with a variety of weapons including a modded revolver and a shotgun which can be fired in nearly any direction while navigating terrain, and close fighting with swords and fists. The player character, Rubi Malone, is hired to locate and return the son of her wealthy employer, although things may not be what they first seem.

    Artificial Mind and Movement Website

    In addition to the above information it is revealed on the website of developer Artifical Mind and Movement that Eliza Dushku, star of the television series Dollhouse, will be providing the voice for Rubi Malone.

    Xbox 360 Installation

    The amount of memory it takes to install this game is 4.3 GB.


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