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    A modified, compact version of the AK-74.

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    The AKS-74U is a compact version of the AK-74, the more modern successor of the popular AK-47. It is chambered for the 5.45x39 mm round in a 30 round magazine, which is the same as on the full sized AK-74. It has a collapsible stock and shortened barrel, which makes it ideal for special forces and police who need the power of an assault rifle in the compact size of an SMG. It can be seen as the Eastern bloc competitor to the M4 Carbine.


    Cartridge: 5,45 x 39mm


    with extended buttstock : 730 mm

    with folded buttstock: 490 mm


    rifle with empty magazine: 2,7 kg

    rifle with loaded magazine: 3,0 kg

    Sighting range, rifle: 500 m

    Rate of fire: 600 rds/min

    Magazine capacity: 30


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