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    Submachine Gun

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    A firearm capable of firing pistol ammunition automatically. Favored for shorter distances, or dealing death indoors.

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    UMP .45 Caliber Sub Gun
    UMP .45 Caliber Sub Gun
    Developed for the trench warfare of WWI, the sub machine gun, or SMG, was designed to combine the rapid fire of a machine gun with the light weight and easy handling of a pistol.  Typically chambered for common pistol calibers (i.e. 9 mm, .40, .45 ACP, etc.), SMGs are considered to be effective at shorter ranges, especially indoors or wherever space is tight.  Capable of being highly customized, including accepting a silencer, folding stock, and laser dot indicator, SMGs are found in just about all of the world's military units, law enforcement agencies, as well as terrorist and criminal organizations.
    Selector Switch
    Selector Switch

    In video games, the SMG can usually be found in the wide majority of FPS and 3rd person shooters, most often in military, counter terrorism, law enforcement/crime, covert operations, and action-themed games in general.  Some of the more famous modern models include the H&K MP5, UMP .45, Mac-10, Uzi.  Also very popular in WWII-era games, some more examples include the Russian PPSh, German Schmeisser, British Sten, America's iconic Thompson.

    Use In Games

     Dual MP5k from Duke Nukem 64
     Dual MP5k from Duke Nukem 64
    In many games submachine guns are intermediates between handguns and full sized machine guns or is the weapon under the assault rifle, in games it happens that SMGs are or can be dual wielded, when they are sized like machine pistols such as Ingrams / TMPs and even MP5ks? SMGs does often less damage than any gun in the said game and fire very fast. it happens that games when they tends to be more realistic makes the SMGs powerful, but unable to do severe damage against armor, when games uses weapon collision SMGs are more maneuverable than full sized rifles like in the reality and have their true use (indoor fighting). In most games when there is SMGs they use handgun ammo, but it happens mostly in old games that when there was no difference between handgun ammo and machinegun ammo that smgs use the same ammo. In games like Wolfenstein 3D the ammunition were bullets and bullets fitted every gun.

    Games With Multiple Ammo Types

    Games like Bioshock and Others have SMGs that can use multiple ammo types, some names can be doubles in therms of effects (that's because games sometimes doesn't give a real name or use generic names)
    Also some kind of ammunition only appears in small or large caliber handgun bullets
    Default/StandardAnti organic/personnel
    SpecialAnti armor
    StandardAnti personnel
    Dum Dum
     Armor piercing
     Explosive Plastic rounds(non lethal)
    FMJJHP (hollow point)
    Ricocheting  Incendiary EMP
    FMJ plus PHydrashockFragmentation   
    FMJ plus P plus
    JSP (soft point)
    Birdshot (some old weapons used that kind of round)

    Glass destabilizer


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