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Big Daddy is the father of Hit-Girl, and is one of the protagonists in the Kick-Ass series. There is a difference in the comic version from the film version. In the film, Big Daddy is an ex-cop that was framed to be a drug dealer and is taken to prison. In prison, his pregnant wife died. In her death, Hit-Girl was born. Hit-Girl was raised by Big Daddy's ex-partner while he was incarcerated. Big Daddy worked hard to be fit while in prison. And five years later, he got out. He then met his daughter, and trained her to be a ruthless killer of criminals. And to avenge her mother's death that was put on Frank D'Amico. In the comic, all of that was his back story, but it all turned out to be a lie. He was bored with his deskjob, and raised his daughter to be that way, so that she would be special. They picked Johnny Genovese (In the film, they chose the name Frank D'Amico because the last name Genovese is a real crime kingpin's last name, and they wanted to avoid conflict. As well as being a homage to The Simpson's Big Fat Tony D'Amico) to be their enemy.

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