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    Outer Haven

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    Outer Haven is a massive warship, built by the Patriots, retrofitted to put the final process of Ocelot's plan into motion.

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    Outer Haven is a massive water fortress built by the Patriots and stolen by Liquid Ocelot which contains the reconstructed GW AI. Outer Haven was equipped with a seemingly endless supply of GEKKO and FROGS troops, which Snake, Meryl and Johnny had to fight to be able to infiltrate the inner section of the warship. Screaming Mantis, the final of the Beauty and the Beast Unit, was housed within the center of Outer Haven, which Snake had to fight while trying to save Meryl from her mind-controlling powers.

    Liquid Ocelot equipped Outer Haven with the railgun which he was planning on firing a nuclear weapon into space to destroy the satellite which contained the JD AI. He had stolen the railgun from Metal Gear REX at Shadow Moses Island. Old Snake thwarted Ocelot's plan by injecting the FOXALIVE virus, which was created by Naomi and Sunny, into the GW AI system, therefore destroying the Patriots AI system and sending the world back into a "virgin" state.


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