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    A storage utility usually used for items. In video games however, they have a different use: hiding.

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    are well known for their appearance throughout the video game franchise Metal Gear Solid. A locker can often contain a useful item such as a ration or ammo. There are some other uses for  lockers in metal gear solid, the first is hiding inside the locker. This can very useful when being chased by guards as snake can simply jump inside the locker and hide, if the guards haven't noticed you the will run right past, however they do check lockers from time to time. The second is hiding any stunned/dead bodies of guards in them, this game is all about stealth so you don't want to leave a trail of bodies lying behind, simply drag said body to an open locker and snake will stand the guard up and shove him inside. Also, some lockers have posters of women inside them, these can be used to distract patroling guards by leaving the door open, those perverts can't resist a sneaky peek!

    Easter Egg

    Metal Gear Pr0n
    Metal Gear Pr0n

    Locker Conversations between Snake and Otacon in MGS2.

    In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, stand inside a locker with the poster of a Japanese woman inside and keep staring at it, Otacon will promptly contact you through the codec. The conversation goes like this:

    Snake: This reminds me of when we first met.
    Otacon: I was the one inside the locker that time. We're equal now, huh?
    Snake: Not unless I wet my pants.
    Otacon: That's a low blow, Snake!
    Conversation with Otacon
    Conversation with Otacon

    At this point Otacon will terminate the feed, but if you keep looking at the poster Otacon will contact you again, and in the codec snakes animation will be breathing heavily:

    Snake: (Now breathing heavily)
    Otacon: What do you think your doing Snake? You don't have enough to keep you busy?
    Otacon: Try to remember the mission, if you can.

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