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    Preston Marlowe

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    Preston Marlowe is a Private in the US Army's B-Company during the events of the Battlefield: Bad Company games.

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    Private Preston Marlowe is the playable character in the Bad Company series, and also narrates them. Marlowe is a soldier in the US army, and was moved to B-Company (nicknamed 'Bad Company'), for taking a joyride in a helicopter, which damaged both the helicopter and a general's limousine.

    Bad Company Description

    Below is the description given of Preston Marlowe in the manual for Battlefield: Bad Company.

    I'm Preston Marlowe. You know, when I grew up all I ever wanted was to be a soldier. Runs in the family, I guess. My dad was in Vietnam. My grandfather fought the Nazis. Me, I just couldn't wait to get out there and fight for truth, justice and the American way. The reality of life in the army didn't hit me until they shipped us to Europe. And as it turns out, war can be pretty boring (at least when you're stuck at a base in the middle of nowhere waiting for orders). I had to do something to distract myself, right? And if I had landed that chopper just a few years to the left nobody would have noticed.

    Bad Company 2 Description

    Below is the description of Preston Marlowe from the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 manual.

    Raised on two generations of war stories, Preston Marlowe joined Bad Company to get some combat under his belt. Now, as Bad Company's latest 'recruit', Marlowe's getting all the action he can handle. Maybe more.


    • During the first Bad Company, Marlowe is always seen with an M416 during cutscenes regardless of what weapons you are actually carrying. In Bad Company 2, the M416 is replaced by an XM8 with an ACOG Scope. In both cases, these are the same weapons that Sgt. Redford uses.
    • Marlowe is the only American soldier to have goggles in the first Bad Company. He is also the only character in the squad to have goggles.
    • Marlowe rarely swears. The only time it happens is between the missions 'Force Multiplier' and 'Airborne'.

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