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    George Haggard

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    George Gordon Haggard, Jr. is a character in the single player campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company. He is part of the squad the player joins during the game. He has a southern U.S. accent and loves explosions.

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    George Haggard is the 'explosives expert' of Bad Company. His passions are near enough only for explosions, and American football. Haggard is a supporter of the Dallas Cowboys, and mentions that if he was to die, he wanted to be buried at the Cowboys' Stadium, in Arlington, Texas.

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    Haggard is the demolitions character of your team, and frequently argues with Terrence Sweetwater. Haggard arguably is the comedic character of the group and is responsible for invading the unspecified nation early in the story. Haggard generally carries explosives, and an 870MCS shotgun. Haggard is generally assumed to be the least intelligent member of the group, but he says some of (arguably) the funniest lines. During the game, Haggard frequently mentions that he would spend the money earned from the gold on a monster truck, which he would call 'Truckasaurus Rex'.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Haggard remains the demoman for Bad Company, though he generally carries an XM8 as opposed to his 870MCS shotgun. He still wears the same clothing, and still argues with Sweetwater in a friendly way. Haggard mentions his love of the Dallas Cowboys several times during the game, and says he wants to be buried at their stadium. Although initially disgusted by the pacifist nature of their helicopter pilot Flynn, he grows to like him, and eventually attempts to save his life.


    • Haggard is a talented sniper. During the course of the games he acts as Marlowe's spotter, and also manages to snipe the gunner from a moving vehicle...while in a helicopter.
    • Haggard references Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when he says 'snowmobiles are for pussies'. This is possibly a gag reference to the mission Cliffhanger.
    • Haggard accidentally reveals his middle name during the first mission of Bad Company. He then appears to be somewhat agitated and embarassed.

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