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    Rifle-like thrower of bolts/arrows. Not to be confused with a bowcaster.

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    A weapon that shoots out silently bolts at long ranges. Used as a sniper in some games, such as Half Life 2 and many others. The weapon comes in many different sizes and shapes, yet has the same purpose: To kill enemies stealthily at long range. Can also be used to pin objects and bodies onto walls.  Often found in medieval games and some heroic fantasy games, they are also found but more rarely in modern time games and even futuristic games.   

    While the crossbow is widely used in ancient time games, in modern games it's a military weapon, animal hunting weapon, sports weapon, or a secret agent weapon, games like NOLF and Deus Ex features crossbows in a such purpose.  


    Crossbows exits in variants listed below, the list will contain major variants.  

    Single shot

    This is the most common variant used in almost any games, the crossbow needs to be reloaded and rearmed (cocked) every time we fire a bolt, this variant in some games can also shoot multiple bolts at once, but can't shoot them independently without reloading and rearming, it often happen that the realism is dropped during the rearming process because some crossbows needs the foot to rearm the cord or a leverage crank to do it

    Multishot with multiple bows

    This variant allow to shoot as much bolts as the crossbow have bows, these crossbow can shoot bolts simultaneously or bolt by bolt, few games uses these kind of crossbow and they tend to appear in some steampunk themed games

    Multishot single bow

    This kind of crossbow is close to a bolt action sniper rifle or the single shot variant but with a magazine, most modern games have this kind of crossbow, like Half life, Will rock, and Deus Ex, every time we shoot a bolt, we have to rearm the weapon after each shot 


    The automatic crossbow is close to the multishot variant, the chinese cho ko nu is an example, the rearming lever serves also as a fire mechanism, this crossbow isn't accurate and have a short rrange, but it has a good rate of fire, the other variant of the automatic crossbow, it's the multishot variant but with an electric motor, this version allows a fast and almost accurate fire, but it loses a bit it's stealth purpose since the motor and the gears makes some noise, but it's truly automatic. 

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