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    Viewtiful Joe 2

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 18, 2004

    Use Joe and Silvia's Viewtiful powers to save Movieland from the accursed Gedow!

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    Basic Game Info


    Viewtiful Joe 2 picks up right where the first game left off and allows you to play as Silvia, who has powers unique to Joe. Like the original, it is developed by Clover Studios and is published by Capcom.

    Plot Summary (Spoilers)

    Boss Fight!
    Boss Fight!

    An alien fleet called the Gedow has begun an invasion on Movieworld. Our heroes learn that this is in an effort to acquire Rainbow Oscars, statuettes that hold the power of happy endings. Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Silvia arrive just as we see Joe's hero, Captain Blue, being turned into one of the Oscars himself and thrown into an unknown area of Movieland. With the defeat of his hero, Sexy Silvia at his side and the fate of Movieland in the balance, Joe and Silvia quickly spring into action by shouting, "Henshin-A-Go-Go Baby!.


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    Viewtiful Joe 2 is, like its predecessor, a sidescrolling action platformer and beat 'em up fusion. Joe will progress through a number of movie themed stages, utilizing movie themed powers. Each level progresses in a traditional left to right platform style, and is packed with puzzles, obstacles and enemies. Joe must employ his movie inspired abilties to make it to the end. Joe can run, double jump, and more.

    Much of Viewtiful Joe's gameplay revolves around intense, cinematic combat. Pushing the Y button will cause Joe to execute his punch combo. When standing or in the air, he will throw a straightforward punch, and when crouching he will perform an uppercut, tossing his foe in the air. The X button will execute a kick, which works similarly to the punch, but goes straight even on the ground. Joe can dodge enemy attacks, as well, creating openings to unleash devastating combos on them. Joe can either hop up over enemy attacks or duck underneath, and then punish if his dodge is successful.

    In between stages, Joe can "Power Up," purchasing new attacks, extra lives, expand his life gauge, and more. Items are purchased with V-Points, which are collected in the various stages, and are gained when Joe performs his best.

    One of the central aspects of the game are Joe's VFX powers. All of Joe's previous powers return, plus one new exclusive Sylvia power. When using these powers, the VFX gauge will drain. Once it is empty, Joe or Sylvia will return to their lousy, unpowered up Human form while the gauge recharges. In human form, their attacks will do less damage, and enemy attacks will cause more damage.

    The game also has quite a few challenging puzzles. All of the puzzles revolve around you using Joe or Silvia's powers in a creative way.

    VFX powers

    • Slow: Slow down everything on screen. In Slow, propellers will stop, bringing airborne platforms and opponents down. Joe's attacks will become more powerful, and crush anything he hits. Joe will also be able to dodge attacks and bullets that come his way.
    • Mach Speed (Joe Only): Joe goes to red hot speed, attacking and running at light speed. If in Mach speed long enough, Joe may even catch on fire, making him an even greater force in combat. It can also be used to manipulate the environment, and helps make pools fill up, and platforms fly higher.
    • Zoom In: It's time for Joe's close up! Zooming in allows Joe and Sylvia to perform super cool moves, like a spin kick, corkscrew attacks, or just show off.
    • Replay (Sylvia only): Sylvia will do her last action three more times, doing three times the damage (or taking it three more times).


    Viewtiful Joe CombatJoe controls very similarly to the first game and still controls the VFX powers of Slow, Mach Speed and Zoom. Slow still amplifies his powers, allows him to move slightly faster than his enemies and is useful for solving puzzles. Mach Speed still allows you to defeat several enemies at once, speed across the screen and ignite things on fire which is also used in Puzzle-solving. Zoom is a combination of both powers, uses up your VFX meter quicker and must be used for some puzzle-solving.

    Sexy Silvia Combat

    Joe and Silvia!
    Joe and Silvia!

    Silvia is slightly different to Joe in that instead of punching, she uses two guns and is the only character who can use the "Replay" power. She also has access to Slow and Zoom. Slow amplifies her guns by making the energy blasts from them grow larger which increases their damage. Zoom allows Silvia to move fast but instead of using her guns, she uses her hip to hit enemies. The Replay power is useful for dealing additional damage to enemies and hitting the same thing, three times, at the same time to proceed to the next level. However, if you activate the power when you get hit, triple damage will be dealt to you. The Replay power is used to solve puzzles where certain switches need to be hit three times.

    You can switch between the two characters on-the-fly and if you hold down the switch button after acquiring a power-up, you are able to dazzle and damage enemies.


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