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    Sonic Heroes

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Jan 06, 2004

    Sonic Heroes introduces a character-switching mechanic, with teams of three characters each dividing the work of smashing robots and saving the world between themselves, and with each character contributing their specialty to the team: Speed, Power, or Flight.

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    Sonic Heroes is a team-based platformer video game developed by Sonic Team USA, published by Sega, and released for GameCube, PS2, Xbox, and PC. The game can be considered the eighth primary instalment in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and is set after the events of Sonic Adventure 2 following the four teams on their hunt for Dr. Eggman.


    Sonic Heroes introduces a team-based gameplay mechanic to the franchise in which players are responsible for not only one character, but three characters, each with their own individual powers and abilities. Each character is absolutely essential for the team's progress and the game relies heavily on switching characters to overcome various obstacles.


    The Speed character of the team is largely responsible for rushing as fast as possible through long twisting sections of the level. Speed characters are also used to climb vertical poles, since the Speed character is the only character that can use a move that will allow the team to ascend the pole and move on. Speed characters are also extremely efficient for taking out Eggman robots, since the homing attack is a very versatile move that should not be underestimated, and Speed characters can also conjure up a tornado to whittle down enemies fairly easily.


    The Power character of the team is generally the most powerful member, as the code name suggests. The Power character does not possess the movement capabilities that the other two characters of the team do, but they are of course the most destructive and can deliver devastating moves to simply any foe throughout the game. While packing a lot of punch in battle, Power characters are often the only characters that can break walls blocking the team's progress and also are the only characters that can utilize air currents to elevate the team to greater heights, quite literally.


    The Flight character, as the name suggests, is largely trusted with the task of flying to areas not otherwise reachable by the team. Since most of the levels in the game are suspended several thousand feet in the air for no real reason, the Flight character is also the one to use when crossing perilous gaps. The Flight character is also the driving force of the kart sections of the game. If the Flight character is killed while using a kart, it is automatically game over.


    There are four different teams in the game. Although each team has to traverse the same levels, teams are entrusted with different tasks throughout each mission and their storylines, while each distinct, all intertwine, eventually colliding in the game's conclusion. Initially, the difficulty of the game is based off of which team you choose.

    Team Sonic

    Team Sonic.
    Team Sonic.

    Speed: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Power: Knuckles the Echidna

    Flight: Miles "Tails" Prower

    Team Sonic's levels are generally very fast-paced and are definitely the closest that the game gets to achieving the same classic "Sonic the Hedgehog" sense of speed and fun. Their campaign is definitely more difficult than that of Rose, but it does not approach the challenge of Team Dark, therefore leading Team Sonic to be thought of as the Medium difficulty of the game, and most new players should start here if they are looking to get right into the game.

    Team Dark

    Team Dark.
    Team Dark.

    Speed: Shadow the Hedgehog

    Power: E-123 Omega

    Flight: Rouge The Bat

    Team Dark's levels are by far the most difficult of the game, and are also the longest, with most levels taking upwards of 7 minutes to complete compared to the average of 4 or 5 for each Sonic level and 2 or 3 for Rose. Team Dark's storyline is, appropriately, noticeably darker than any of the other three, and given its mysterious Speed character Shadow the Hedgehog, it also has an element of mystery not seen in any of the other three.

    Team Rose

    Team Rose.
    Team Rose.

    Speed: Amy Rose

    Power: Big the Cat

    Flight: Cream the Rabbit with Cheese the Chao

    Team Rose's levels are by far the easiest of the game and is meant for beginners. The levels are generally very short and they possess a far lower population of foes than any of the other campaigns. Team Rose is out seeking missing friends: Amy, as always, is on the hunt for Sonic, Cream is searching for Chocola, the sibling to Cheese the Chao, and Big is searching for his pet frog, the creatively-named Froggy.

    Team Chaotix

    Team Chaotix.
    Team Chaotix.

    Speed: Espio the Chameleon

    Power: Vector the Crocodile

    Flight: Charmy Bee

    In sharp contrast to the other three storylines, Team Chaotix's levels do not possess the simple objective of reaching the end of the level. Team Chaotix's levels often revolve around collecting a specific amount of a certain item or trinket due to them following orders from their mysterious client. Therefore their levels, while sometimes infuriating, serve as an interesting change of pace from the frenetic and straightforward action of the other three campaigns. Team Chaotix is the farthest the game gets from the traditional Sonic formula. It is also worth mentioning that Espio, with his Invisible ability, is the only character that can be played by themselves in normal play.

    Team Bios

    Team Sonic

    "Tails and Knuckles finally catch up with Sonic as he tours around the globe, and pass him a letter from his arch-nemesis Dr. Eggman threatening another outrageous revenge scheme. This time, the deranged scientist announces that he has finally completed his ultimate weapon, and in a matter of 3 days, he will be ready to bring the world to its knees!"

    "Unlike Tails, disturbed by the message and unsure what will happen, Knuckles relaxes confident there's nothing to worry about. Sonic, however, shows brief flicker of a smile and takes off again into the distance."

    "With that familiar grin of confidence, Sonic says he wouldn't miss this party for the world!"

    "And this is how the three reunite for their greatest adventure to put an end to Dr. Eggman's wicked ploy."

    Team Dark

    "Treasure hunter Rouge, who files all over the world in search of precious jewels, one day hears that Dr. Eggman is accumulating a massive treasure collection. She immediately heads for Dr. Eggman's headquarters to liberate these riches, but discovers the base abandoned with all the valiable gone."

    "However, she comes across a stasis capsule that to her surprise houses the figure of Shadow. Far from being deceased as everybody thought, he was indeed very much alive, but unconscious. In order to release Shadow from the capsule, Rouge switches on the facility's power, unintentionally reactivating the final E-Series robot Omega. Shadow wakes to find his memory gone, unable to recall why or how he went into stasis."

    "Omega, on the other hand, was rather upset about Dr. Eggman shutting him down. Misaking Shadow for one of Eggman's robots, he immediately starts to attack him."

    "Rouge steps in to break up the fighting, and reminding them both that their enemy is Eggman, the three shook hands and the team was formed."

    "Yeah baby!" announces Rouge. "That makes us a team! Lets go find Eggman!"

    Team Rose

    "Amy, crazily in love with Sonic as always, is concerned that she hasn't had any contact for over a month. Making little progress on his trail, she is about to give up hope when she catches sight of Sonic's picture in a newpaper."

    "In her excitement, Amy runs straight to the publishers to ask where the picture was taken, and on her arrival, she meets a huge familer looking cat called Big and a cute rabbit named Cream. A quick exchange of stories reveals that Big is looking for his best friend Froggy, and Cream is looking for her friend Chao's twin Chocola, both of whom had appeared in the picture with Sonic. From this, they decide to continue their search together. "

    "You can't run forever Sonic! Mark my words we WILL be married!!"

    Team Chaotix

    "The Chaotix Detective Agency is always at your service if the price is right. Lately however, things have been quiet with very liitle work availiable."

    "One lazy day a mysterious package is delivered to Chaotix, and inside they find a transceiver which mysteriously promises a handsome payment if Chaotix will take on a case. Charmy is thrilled by the offer, but Espio remains sceptical due to the strange nature of the communication. Boss Vector, with dollar signs in his eyes, wastes no time gathering his troop together to take hasty advantage of the opportunity."

    "You know our policy! We never turn down work that pays!"


    The start of the Seaside Hill level.
    The start of the Seaside Hill level.
    • Seaside Hill
    • Ocean Palace
    • Grand Metropolis
    • Power Plant
    • Casino Park
    • Bingo Highway
    • Rail Canyon
    • Bullet Station
    • Frog Forest
    • Lost Jungle
    • Hang Castle
    • Mystic Mansion
    • Egg Fleet
    • Final Fortress



    • Sonic Heroes Official Soundtrack
    1."Sonic Heroes: Main Theme"3:29
    2."We Can (Theme of Team Sonic)"3:18
    3."Stage 01: Seaside Hill"1:36
    4."Stage 02: Ocean Palace"2:01
    5."Follow Me (Theme of Team Rose)"3:35
    6."System Screen: Select"1:38
    7."Stage 03: Grand Metropolis"2:28
    8."Stage 04: Power Plant"1:04
    9."Special Stage: Bonus Challenge"2:13
    10."Stage 05: Casino Park"2:29
    11."Stage 06: Bingo Highway"2:25
    12."Battle: Casino Area"2:41
    13."This Machine (Theme of Team Dark)"4:23
    14."Boss: Robot Carnival/Robot Storm"2:18
    15."Stage 07: Rail Canyon"2:39
    16."Stage 08: Bullet Station"2:16
    17."Team Chaotix (Theme of Team Chaotix)"3:42
    18."Boss: Egg Albatross"1:39
    19."Event: Disquieting Shadow"0:31
    20."Stage 09: Frog Forest"1:55
    21."Stage 10: Lost Jungle"4:41
    22."Special Stage: Emerald Challenge"2:14
    23."Stage 11: Hang Castle"4:42
    24."Stage 12: Mystic Mansion"2:42
    25."Stage 13: Egg Fleet"2:31
    26."Stage 14: Final Fortress"2:24
    27."Event: Metal Sonic... the Ultimate Overlord"1:24
    28."Last Boss: Metal Madness [Version 1]"3:19
    29."What I'm Made of...: Last Boss/Metal Overlord [Version 2]"3:43
    30."Event: Finale... Adventure Must Go On"1:13
    • Triple Threat: Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax
    1."Sonic Heroes: Main Theme"
    2."We Can (Theme of Team Sonic)"
    3."This Machine (Theme of Team Dark)"
    4."Follow Me (Theme of Team Rose)"
    5."Team Chaotix (Theme of Team Chaotix)"
    6."What I'm Made Of (Last Boss/Metal Overlord)"
    7."My Sweet Passion"
    8."Lazy Days (Living in Paradise)"
    9."Unknown from M.E."
    10."Believe in Myself"
    11."It Doesn't Matter"
    12."Open Your Heart"
    • Complete Trinity: Sonic Heroes - Original Soundtrax (Disc 1)
    1."Sonic Heroes / Opening ver."1:30
    2."Stage 01: Seaside Hill"2:42
    3."Stage 02: Ocean Palace"3:42
    4."Boss: Egg Hawk"1:12
    5."System Screen: Select"3:46
    6."Stage 03: Grand Metropolis"3:36
    7."Stage 04: Power Plant"2:03
    8."Special Stage: Bonus Challenge"2:33
    9."Event: Strange Guys"0:25
    10."Boss: VS. Team Battle"1:37
    11."Stage 05: Casino Park"2:30
    12."Stage 06: Bingo Highway"2:26
    13."Battle: Casino Area"2:42
    14."Event: Monkey Business"0:32
    15."Event: My World"1:22
    16."Boss: Robot Carnival / Robot Storm"2:19
    17."Stage 07: Rail Canyon"2:40
    18."Stage 08: Bullet Station"2:17
    19."Jingle: Speed Up"0:15
    20."Jingle: Invincible"0:55
    21."Boss: Egg Albatross"1:40
    22."Event: Disquieting Shadow"0:34
    23."System Screen: Menu"1:49
    24."Battle: City Area"2:05
    25."Battle: Sea Area"0:41
    26."System Screen: 2P VS. Menu"0:54
    27."Battle: Quick Race"0:57
    28."Battle: Ring Race"0:38
    • Complete Trinity: Sonic Heroes - Original Soundtrax (Disc 2)
    1."Sonic Heroes / Title ver."0:23
    2."Stage 00: Sea Gate"3:25
    3."Stage 09: Frog Forest"2:31
    4."Stage 10: Lost Jungle"5:07
    5."Event: Excuse Me?"0:29
    6."Event: Unexpected Encounter"0:44
    7."Special Stage: Emerald Challenge"2:15
    8."Event: No Past to Remember"1:00
    9."Stage 11: Hang Castle"4:42
    10."Stage 12: Mystic Mansion"2:43
    11."Event: My Ambition"1:17
    12."Stage 13: Egg Fleet"2:32
    13."Stage 14: Final Fortress"2:23
    14."Boss: Egg Emperor"1:28
    15."Event: Metal Sonic... The Ultimate Overlord"1:25
    16."Event: All Heroes Gather"1:07
    17."Last Boss ver. 1: Metal Madness"3:20
    18."What I'm Made of / Last Boss ver. 2: Metal Overlord"3:44
    19."Event: Finale... Adventure Must Go On"1:17
    20."Special Stage: Emerald Challenge / Extended ver."3:40
    21."Casino Park / Original ver."2:08
    22."Bingo Highway / Remix ver."5:10



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