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    Sweet, delicious candy.

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    If you love the sweet taste of candy, then you have come to this article. Candy is a sweet object that gives you sugar and it gives you cavities if you eat too much. 
    Candy is also used as currency so they can buy various weapons or as power-ups in Mario Party 8 to help the player during the game.
    The best part about candy in Mario Party 8 is that you can use it on yourself!
    In the Viva Pinata series when a pinata dies it's putrid guts spill forth and stain the souls of the living in form of candies. 

    Candy Pieces in Mario Party 8 

     Duelo Candy Hit 2 Dice Blocks and when you land on the same space as your opponent, then a Duel Minigame begins.
     Bloway Candy Sends your opponents back to start when you move.
     Bullet Candy Hit 3 Dice Blocks & steal 1 star from your opponents.
     Slowgo Candy Slows down the scrolling of numbers and hit the block from 1-5.
     Springo Candy Turns your legs into springs and jump to your opponent.
     Bowser Candy Hit 2 Dice Blocks & steal 2 stars from your opponents.
     Bowlo Candy After you hit the block, steal coins from your opponents when bowled over.
     Vampire Candy Steal coins from all of your opponents.
     Cashzap Candy Zaps half of your opponent's coins.
     Weeglee Candy Steal 1 Candy from your opponents.
     Thwomp Candy Lose half of your opponents when thwomped by the user.
     Bitsize Candy Adds 3 coins for each space you rolled.
     Twice Candy Doubles your Dice Block count and advance from 2-20 spaces.
     Thrice Candy Triples your Dice Block count and advance from 3-30 spaces.

    Mario Party 8 

    In Mario Party 8, players can get candy by passing a special place or getting it in shops. In all, there are 14 pieces divided into 4 colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. Here are the candy pieces: 
    Thrice Candy: Lets the player hit 3 Dice Blocks. 
    Thrice Candy: Lets the player hit 3 Dice Blocks. 

    Red Candy 

    There are 3 red candy pieces and they all affect the Dice Block. 
    • Twice Candy
    • Thrice Candy
    • Slowgo Candy

    Green Candy 

    Green Candy affects the player before hitting the Dice Block and the player must hit a dart at the Dart Board in order to activate the effects. In all, there are 3 pieces. 
    • Cashzap Candy
    • Springo Candy
    • Vampire Candy

    Yellow Candy 

    There are 4 pieces in this category and as you move, you'll get the effects of the candy like sending someone back to start, stealing coins, and more. 
    • Bitsize Candy
    • Weeglee Candy
    • Bowlo Candy
    • Bloway Candy

    Blue Candy 

    These candy pieces make massive impact while you move and these 4 pieces have the power! 
    • Bowser Candy (Bowser's Warped Orbit)
    • Bullet Candy (Bowser's Warped Orbit)
    • Duelo Candy
    • Thwomp Candy

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