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    Captain Ginyu

    Character » appears in 55 games

    Leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu possesses the ability to switch bodies with any living being.

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    Captain Ginyu is the leader and strongest member of theelite mercenary unit called the Ginyu Force. Captain Ginyu’s power level is confirmed by his team member Jeice when he remarks that Ginyu’s maximum is a level of 120,000. Captain Ginyu has the unique ability to change bodies with his opponent if they are hit by a certain beam. Due to this technique it is not known if the body he first appeared in on Namek is his original body.

    Ginyu is defeated by Goku when Goku interrupts the body changing technique by throwing a frog towards the beam. During the rest of the Dragon Ball Z series Ginyu has made brief cameo appearances as a frog.


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