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    Goku is the main protagonist in the Dragon Ball franchise and one of the strongest fighters in the universe. He is a Saiyan warrior whose original name was Kakarot, son of Bardock. He is the husband of Chi Chi, and the father of Gohan and Goten. He is also Grandfather to Pan.

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    • Ki Blast: Basic Ki attack
    • Destructo Disk: Goku focuses ki and creates a razor-sharp disk.
    • Solar Flare: Goku puts his both hands wide open to his head and blinds the people around him with a white flash.
    • Spirit Bomb: Goku puts his hands up and takes energy from earth and he can also take energy from the people but they are supouse to give their energy willingly. This technique can only hurt persons with negative energy (i.e., villains).
    • After Image Technique: Goku uses all of his speed and moves so fast that he leaves an after image to foul his enemy
    • Dragonthrow: Goku's trademark grapple
    • Flight: Levitate in thin air through his ki.
    • Kaio-ken: Goku forms a red aura around him enhancing his power and speed. Goku only used this technique up to x20.
    • Instant Transmission: A concentrated teleportation move that can take Goku and people around him to any place that he wants instantly but it requires concentrated energy.
    • Dragon Fist: Goku charges his energy and releases a golden ki dragon. This is one of Goku's strongest moves.
    • Kamehameha: Goku's most iconic move learned by mimicking Master Roshi. Goku focuses his energy in his hands and releases an energy beam.

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