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    Ahh, eating... We can't live without it, and, apparently, neither can some characters. From snakes to dots, games have odd ways of dishing out their dishes.

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    Eating is the act of consuming food through the mouth to provide nutrients for the body. It is normally performed by placing food into the mouth, masticating said food, and swallowing, letting the digestive system do the rest of the work. After eating, food is digested and its nutrients are utilized throughout the body to assist in ensuring the survival of the organism.

    In most video games that feature this process, eating is generally used to restore health. Effects are usually instantaneous and have no other influence on the player's performance. Eating in other games may yield different results. For instance, in Metal Gear Solid 3, food is used to regain stamina, allowing for easier aim, quicker movement, and better eyesight. Some games take a more realistic approach to an eating mechanic. In The World Ends With You, it takes time for effects of eating to take place as it is being digested. Overeating in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will cause the player character to become obese, resulting in decreased physical performance. Neglecting a character's need for food in The Sims will cause that character to eventually die.


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