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    Ketchup is a popular condiment, usually made primarily with tomatoes, used to liven up everything from omelettes to french fries.

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    Ketchup (or catsup) is a tomato-based food condiment. Published recipes for tomato ketchup in America date back to 1801. In 1876, H.J. Heinz (then F & J Heinz), the world's largest distributor of ketchup, launched their brand of the popular sauce. Ketchup is a common food item in restaurants and refrigerators everywhere, and is often served on hamburgers, hot dogs, eggs, meat loaf, and french fries.

    Ketchup plays a cameo role in Metal Gear Solid. In that game, there is a scene where the protagonist has been imprisoned. To escape, the player has the option to use spilled ketchup on the floor to create the appearance that they have been bleeding, motivating the guard, Johnny, to open the cell.


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