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Delicious Objects

This is my list of objects that are pleasent to put in your mouth. 

List items

  • Ye olde classic. Hot beef with cheese is a combination like no other.

  • I like it with hot sauce.

  • Like a pie but more delicious. Pepper one of these babies up and I'll eat an entire box.

  • Often good with any of the aforementioned or the following objects.

  • Very delicious object. I find they are best when eaten with hot sauce and mustard.

  • Elixir of the gods!

  • In muffins, bread, or just on their own, bananas are, and continue to be a delicious object.

  • You aren't allowed to hate it.

  • Christmas roast meat. Delightful.

  • This stuff goes well on damn near anything. You name it, I can cheese it.

  • Significantly less delicious than milk, but still very much, a delicious object.

  • And lo, with the addition of Diabeetus into my life, I can no longer enjoy. But I still have my fond memories.