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Conquests 11: No Witty Title This Year (Games I Beat in 2021)

Well, after the "experience" that was 2020 we get to move on to 2021. It might not be any better than 2020, time will tell on that one, but I am still going to make an effort to finish more games this year.

Last year I set a goal of 40 games and I ended up hitting 44. I think I will keep the same goal this year and try to hit 40 again.

I will quote my criteria from previous years.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal. I will also count a game beat if I put a ton of time into it if it has no way of finishing it. If the game is primarily multiplayer I will count it if I have finished all the achievements/trophies or possibly if the game has challenges or such.

Previous Years Lists

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  • Well then, it looks like the first game finished this year not only happened on January 1st, but it turned out to be a hidden object game. I hadn't even planned on playing this one, I was just scrolling through my installed games on Steam and decided to give it a go. It took me a little under 3 hours to beat it. It is a pretty generic hidden object game that does nothing unique and the story was pretty....boring really.

  • This was the Genesis version on that pack with Lion King on the Xbox One. I couldn't actually remember if I had fully beaten the Genesis version, usually just playing through a couple of levels before feeling like I had gotten what I wanted out of it. As I played through it I still remembered all the levels, so I must have beaten this at some point. While this game is still fun, and has great graphics and music, I still say the SNES version is the better game by far.

  • While this doesn't have a way to "beat" the game, I did get all of the achievements on the Xbox. I have played this game with friends for over a hundred hours at this point. This is up there for me as one of my favorite pure fun multiplayer games with friends. This seems frustrating and annoying to play online with random people, but made much better when played with friends.

  • I am counting this as finished, but really I played about 2/3 of the story in Hitman 2, while finishing it up in Hitman 3.

  • You know, I actually had quite a bit of fun going through this game. I was having a lot of fun until I decided I would go through and complete all the tutorials. That was going well until I got to the super cancels section and spent probably a half an hour doing the inputs it told me to do repeatedly with no success. There is nothing I hate more than a stupid fighting game tutorial that doesn't explain what the move I am doing is supposed to be or how to use it. I still do not know what the F a super cancel is or how in the world I am supposed to do it.

  • Man, what a great cap off to what has become one of my favorite series. There were moments in this game that I didn't really love, and kept thinking it didn't feel like Hitman. But overall it was a really great game with lots of small improvements that make going back and doing the first 2 games content really fun.

  • Man, what a game. I wasn't really expecting anything out of this as I don't typically even like horror games. I played it on a whim because of Game Pass on my Series X and played through a majority of the game in one sitting. I will say I already love adventure games, so maybe that is why I was drawn in to this one more than other horror games. I was also really in to the story, even though I could see a lot of the twists coming a mile away. If you have Game Pass and a way to play this I would certainly give it a shot, even if you don't like horror games.

  • This time around I finished the New Super Lucky's Tale version that added some content. I was also playing it on my Xbox Series X and was the first game I tried out with their new FPS boost. Still a really fun platformer, and I liked the extra content. The FPS boost was also a nice addition.

  • Played this one on the Nintendo Switch this time around. This might be one of the games I have beaten the most times in my life. When this game originally came out it blew my mind and I played through it over and over and over again.

  • This seems to be a game that is making it an almost yearly completion for me. This time around I finished it in the PS2 Metal Slug Anthology played on my PS5. I am not sure if it is something to do with the Metal Slug Anthology, or it playing on my PS5, but there was VERY noticeable input lag which made this one even more difficult. It was still fun enough though that I played through the whole thing.

  • Played this one as well on the PS2 Metal Slug Anthology on the PS5. This one ran noticeably better than the previous game did. This is still tons of fun to play through, and I have probably finished this on a handful of platforms at this point.

  • Again, played this one as well on the PS2 Metal Slug Anthology on the PS5. Not much more to say than I did for the previous two games. This one might be my favorite up to this point, and have again played through it on multiple platforms at this point.

  • Downloaded and play this on Steam completely on a whim. I had played through this way back when it was originally released, but it had been so long. I still really enjoy playing this, and find it relaxing, even through some of the frustrating puzzle types that I have to repeat multiple times. I also really love how this game sounds, between the music, the announcer, and the sound effects there is just something pleasant to it.

  • I am throwing the entire franchise of these as one game. These are really just achievement spammy, cheap games. I did however enjoy playing all of these. They are essentially a large image with 100 specific objects hidden throughout that must be clicked on. Each one really only took me around 10 minutes to complete, so I felt like it would be cheating to list each of them as a completed game.

  • I had no idea this was even a thing until I saw a Tweet from Drew Scanlon about it. I was able to download it early thanks to having Game Pass on Xbox. It is a decently fun throwback to 2D brawlers of the past. It is really short, and the enemies are pretty repetitive, but fun nonetheless. I did think the mechanic of being able to throw the basketball was interesting.

  • After a bit of a break from the series after plowing through three previous games one after another I came back and finished 3. This one was really hard for me to really get in to at first since it is quite jarring coming from Kiwami 2. It is certainly just an HD remaster of a PS3 game and it shows. However, once I played for a few hours it started to hook me in. The fighting was really a step down, but the story was as great as usual. At this point I have decided I am really just going to plow through these games main stories and as many of the substories as I can, but not worry so much about the other mini-games and gambling stuff. I have already started 4 and am excited to keep working my way through.

  • This time around I finished the new remastered version on my Xbox Series X. I think this is one of those games I can re-play repeatedly and just not get tired of it. I always get sucked in and play through the whole thing again. Plus, that music gets stuck in my head for days.

  • Randomly decided to fire this one up as I had only ever played a demo of it back before it was originally released. I didn't really love this game, but decided to just play through it all to say I did. I am not really a big fighting game guy, but this one felt to me.

  • This one came as a part of the trilogy re-release Xbox One version that I played on the Series X. Despite this really not being a great game from a gameplay perspective, I can't help but play through it every once in a while due to a love of the animation and a healthy dash of nostalgia. Every time I see this game in action it gives me flashbacks to arcades and seeing that huge (or at least felt huge to youngster me) cabinet with the giant buttons.

  • What. A. Game. I had no idea if I was going to be let down by this or love it, but I was so pleasantly surprised at just how great it was. It felt like a sequel with what made the original game so great, but also some really nice improvements to the feel and look of the game. The story was so great, with lots of interesting takes on mental health and how it affects us. I also rarely had any gameplay issues with the platforming being as close to perfect as I think it could have been.

    I wasn't the biggest fan of the small combat arena style sections of the game, but with how much I enjoyed the rest of the experience it didn't really matter too much. As of this point this game is probably my front runner for game of the year.

  • Finished the remastered version on PS5. I had started the original on PS4, but shortly after starting it got distracted by something else and never got around to it again. Later I started it again, but found out there would be a remastered version on PS5 so I just decided to wait it out and play it there. Well, on launch of the PS5 I picked up Miles Morales that came with the remastered version of the original.

    Man, I really enjoyed just about all of my time with this game. Just swinging around and checking out the city was something I found myself doing, especially after work to just help me relax. By the end I was certainly getting tired of some of the repetitive side content, but overall I absolutely loved it. I don't have too many platinum trophies, but this is now one of them.

  • I finally finished this one. I started it on Xbox One back when it first came out, but never did finish it. This year around Halloween I finally decided it was time to wrap it up. Come to find out I was really only about an hour or so away from the end of the game. There is just something I really enjoy about Double Fine games. It is not usually the gameplay as I tend to find them pretty average, but they really nail atmosphere and dialog in a whimsical and fun way.

  • I really went in to this game mostly blind. I had really not watched or read much about this game, but it seemed interesting and went on sale for around $10 so I decided I would give it a try. I ended up way surprised with this one and enjoyed my time WAY more than I thought I would. I would love to see some of the improvements to the gameplay, especially the climbing carry over to future Assassin's Creed games. The mobility in this game felt so much better to me than those games. I didn't end up doing EVERYTHING in this game as it has the curse of the open world Ubisoft game of WAY too many repetitive side activities.