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Conquests 10: X - Decade Edition (Games I beat in 2020)

Here it is, ten years of making lists on Giant Bomb of all the games I finished. I have noticed a trend over the years of these getting smaller and smaller for the most part. It is kind of sad as the number of games I seem to be acquiring is growing at a rapid rate. As life goes on and gets more busy, the amount of games I have the time to beat seems to drop. On top of that there are always online "service" type games that eat in to that time as well.

This year I am going to try and hit 40 games, a much more attainable goal than I have previously set.

I will quote my criteria from previous years.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal. I will also count a game beat if I put a ton of time into it if it has no way of finishing it.

Games I Finished That Are Not On Giant Bomb

There are some games that for one reason or another are not on Giant Bomb. They either just need to still be created, which I will work on or they are homebrew or whatever.

  • Microsoft - The Best of Entertainment Pack (GBC)
  • Pringles Games (Genesis)
  • Cookie Clicker (NES)
  • Pocket Meat (GBA)

Previous Years Lists

List items

  • I was certainly not expecting this to be the first game finished of the year. Got this one in the Humble Monthly Choice Bundle so I downloaded it. Despite hearing a lot of negativity surrounding this game, I had quite a bit of fun with it. I ended up playing through all the story and arcade modes.

  • Boy, this was not a great VR game. Played it on PSVR after I bought it on a whim on sale for $5. This is incredibly light on content with a majority of it being dialog followed up by the same shoot at stuff out of a cannon mini game. Sure is a lot of talking to very...well endowed female characters as well. I would avoid this one at all costs.

  • Finally got around to really giving this one a go. I got a code pre-release and played it some then, but only just now got around to assembling the entire ship and finishing the game. I played and enjoyed the original on the Sega Genesis a long time ago and still do now. I am not sure if this would appeal to those who never played the original, but I would say it would still be worth checking out.

  • FINALLY finished the campaign in this game. I got it at the very end of 2018 along with my PSVR. I played through about half of the campaign before giving up on it as I did not like extra objectives such as limiting hand movement or needing to miss notes on purpose. Well after getting to the point of being able to complete all the songs on expert in the free play mode I decided to get back to the campaign. Turns out I was only a handful of stages away from finishing it. This is my favorite VR game by far.

  • I have been playing this off and on since it was released in Early Access. I played it a bunch on Steam, but kind of dropped off before finishing it. I picked it back up again, this time on Xbox One thanks to Game Pass. A lot has been added to the game since my initial playing, and it sucked me right back in. I actually ended up beating the game in only a couple of runs and enjoyed it a ton. I am still going back to it to try and unlock more and go through runs on harder difficulties.

  • One of the many Ratalaika published games that offers up easy achievements. I did enjoy the fairly simple 2D platformer. I continued on to finish the game after getting all the achievements. This is not a super great game, but for an hour or so experience of light platforming I can't say I think I wasted my time.

  • Played this on PC as a part of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. I had never played much of this game beyond a quarter or two in the arcades. I really liked my time with it, and I wish I had gotten farther in to this back in the day. This will probably be one I go back to every once in a while for a fun shooter.

  • Beat the Game Gear version of this one. I had never even thought about playing it really either but I was browsing to see what games had achievements now. I came across this and realized I had not played it so I did. It is an interesting game, and totally different from the console versions. I would have probably loved to play this on my Game Gear on a car ride or something. Now days it is interesting, but does not hold up as well as the console counterparts.

  • Finished this one on Xbox One. Duck Souls is an indie 2D platformer. It reminds me somewhat of Super Meat Boy, although easier in difficulty. The game has 100 levels and took me probably about an hour or so to complete. at only $5 it was a pretty good time, and was honestly better than most of the other Ratalaika published games.

  • I can honestly say I did not expect to finish this game again this year. I ended up playing it again because of RetroAchievements. Last year I went through the Dreamcast version, but this time was the good old original PlayStation version. While I don't think the first game holds up QUITE as well as the next couple sequels, it still holds up pretty darn well. I actually went through the entire game with two characters so far, and plan on doing at least a couple more.

  • Finished this one on my 1Up Arcade cabinet. I love this game so much, but mostly have played the SNES game. I had played the arcade version only a few times, as opposed to the original arcade game which I played ALL the time in the arcades.

  • Played this one because of RetroAchievements. This is really a pretty terrible version of Where's Waldo?. The graphics are so hard to make out sometimes, and they even have Waldo change clothing colors on different stages, which makes looking for him needlessly difficult sometimes.

  • Finished the PlayStation version of this, also thanks to Retroachievements. I don't think I ever get tired of playing through the Metal Slug games. I had actually never played the PlayStation version before. It played and looked a lot better than I had expected, and I liked the extra content they added.

  • Another one finished for Retroachievements. This one is much better than the first NES Waldo game by far. It is still not a great game, but much better. I managed to master this one (get all the achievements.)

  • Man, Retroachievements has got me playing some straight up BAD games. This game is SUPER awful. I don't recommend anyone play this, let alone beat it. I did manage to master it.

  • Yet another shameful experience because of Retroachievements. This was the SNES version of the game. Probably don't bother with this unless you are maybe 5 years old or want an easy game to master on Retroachievements.

  • Played through the GBA version for Retroachievements. This one feels like the definition of a completely average, quite boring game. It is an easy set of achievements though so I got the master.

  • Yet again I beat this for Retroachievements. I have played this probably more than most games released, so I have been having a ton of fun playing it again. I have finished it 100% with every character, now it is on to find all gaps which will then net me the mastery.

  • Played through the SNES version of this for...well you guessed it Retroachievements. I had rented this and played it a few times a long time ago, but never did beat the game before. I forgot how much I enjoy playing this series, and the SNES version is still quite good.

  • I beat Metal Slug X on the PlayStation before, but this time I played the original arcade version. I can play through these games any time and have a ton of fun. Just the art alone can keep me going through one of these games.

  • I am going to consider this one beaten since I got the mastery on Retroachievements and as far as I can tell it never actually ends. It is a basic clone of Space Invaders, except you are shooting the letters in the word Pepsi.

  • I had actually never played this game before going through it this time. I really had a lot of fun playing this game and will probably add it to my regular rotation of games.

  • Okay okay I know what you are thinking, but I am counting this one as "beaten". I mastered the game on Retroachievements and colored every single dinosaur this robust "game" has to offer....shut up.

  • Finished on the Xbox One version of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. I had never played this game before. I went in knowing nothing about it and ended up enjoying my time with it.

  • I have no idea what caused me to download this free game on Steam, I just did. It is a pretty average throwback to Mario involving current political figures.

  • This is one I was really not expecting to play through. It is a free game about cleaning up the environment clearly made for kids, and I played it for hours and did every thing there was to do in it. I was really surprised at how much fun it was to clean up trash, help animals, and even pay taxes. The colorful graphics are really neat, and I think this free game would totally be worth at least playing for an hour or so for people curious about it.

  • Beat this one completely in VR on the PlayStation 4.

  • Finished this one on Xbox One. I am not really a fan of these games that are mostly walking around with an abstract story that you are supposed to pick up through dialog spoken over abstract imagery. This game was short and had easy achievements, so there is that at least.

  • Finished on Xbox One. I had beaten this game quite a few years ago on Steam. I saw it on sale for something like a buck or two and decided to grab it. It is not a particularly great game, it is a pretty average, sometimes even boring 3D platformer. But it did have fairly easy achievements.

  • I actually finished this in the remake collection on the Xbox One. I ended up getting all 1,000 achievement points in it and got 120% completion. This game is still just as great as when I first played it on the original PlayStation.

  • 100% I played this to get an easy 1,000 achievement points for the 10,000 point challenge. It is an incredibly short "adventure" style game with very light puzzles. It had an interesting story about mental illness that was interesting, but overall not much here.

  • Another one I played to get some achievements for rewards points on Xbox One. It is a point and click adventure style game that is pretty simple. It has a strange story. It was alright, and tends to go on sale for very cheap.

  • went through this on Xbox One. I got it because it was on sale for very cheap and I knew it was a fairly easy achievement completion. I actually thought this game was a lot better than I had originally expected. It is a point-and-click style adventure game that is kind of in the style of a hidden object game.

  • Okay, so I can not ready Japanese at all, so I didn't get much out of this one. I mostly skipped through dialog and solved the handful of puzzles the game has to offer. I ended up getting to at least one of the endings however. I really just did this for Retroachievements.

  • On a whim I decided to check this one out since it came to Game Pass. Little did I know it was going to send me down a road of obsession with this series. This game had so much charm and atmosphere. I am actually not a huge fan of the combat, feeling that it is "fine", but the characters stories were just so engaging. I skipped out on really diving in to a lot of the side activities such as playing pool or Mahjong, but did most of the side mission content.

  • Well I had started this game right before I ended up going down with COVID. I had to stay home for two weeks so I ended up playing this one for probably 8+ hours a day and really dug in. I think Yakuza 0 is still my favorite game so far, but this one was still so good.

  • Kiwami was still so good I had to immediately move on to Kiwami 2. Still being sick I did a similar thing and played through this one for a handful of days with each one lasting 8+ hours a day. The engine change in this game was really jarring to me at first. Between the way everything looks to how it felt to run around and fight. I eventually got used to it and really enjoyed it. The stories were still so good/fun and I can't wait to get on to the next game, so much so that I bought the HD Collection on PS4 right after finishing this one.

  • Ended up getting this one through the monthly Humble Choice Bundle and decided to give it a shot. It is a pretty short game, but I love point-and-click style adventure games. It has a fun story with interesting characters and some funny writing. I would say give this one a shot.

  • I have a weird obsession for idle style games. Most of the mobile ones have started to grow tired for me though as they are getting more and more gross with their monetization which takes the fun out of it for me. While this one has a small amount of that it is not required to enjoy it. I am counting this one as "beaten" since I ended up getting all the Steam Achievements and saw all of the content.