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Conquests V: Games Strike Back (Games I Beat in 2015)

Here it is, year number five of me keeping track of which games I beat in a year. Last year ended up being the first year in this series in which I failed to beat more games than the previous year. 2014 was a much busier year for me in general than previous years. I am really hoping to beat more games in 2015 than I did in 2014, even better would be to complete more than I did in 2013.

I will quote my criteria from last year.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal.

Previous Years Lists

List items

  • And the first game I beat this year is....Knightmare Tower. I got this one for super cheap on Steam and decided to check it out. For whatever reason I got hooked on it and ended up playing it for about 2 hours and beat it.

  • Next up I finished the single player of Nidhogg. The single player in this game is short but still really fun. Of course the multiplayer is where this game really shines.

  • Man, what a game. This would have been the first game finished this year, but I spent a little over 25 hours cleaning up every side mission and collectible until finally finishing the campaign. I knew going in that the game was good, but I did not expect to like it as much as I did. Rarely do I find myself wanting to do EVERY activity in an open world style game anymore, but I not only wanted to in this one, but found myself wanting even more. This might actually be the first game I get a platinum trophy.

  • So I had heard things about this game quite a bit at the end of 2014 so I thought I would give it a shot. This is one game that I am kind of on the fence about. On one hand I loved the ideas, setting, and story. On the other hand I felt like I died a lot of times fighting with the controls. I would say if you get this one for cheap or in a bundle give it a shot.

  • This is the first time I have ever finished the original double dragon despite playing it many times as a kid. I played through the arcade version of this on the Double Dragon Trilogy that recently released on Steam. I still found the game really fun, much better than I expected actually.

  • I was looking for some old educational DOS games to put on the computers at work for the kids to play when I remembered playing these Super Solvers games as a kid. I ended up playing through this entire game while testing it out to make sure it worked. The game is pretty simple, but the nostalgia alone had me play it until the end.

  • Another game I randomly picked from my Steam library. This one is a 3D platformer, but a very basic one. The game was made by a single person, but unfortunately many times throughout the game it shows. The art style and relaxing nature of it is great, but this game has one of the worst cameras in a 3D game.

  • What a strange experience this "game" was. I knew absolutely nothing about this before going in, just picked a random game from my Steam library. I don't understand anything that happened in this game, and I am not even sure how much of a game this is. It is more of an experience than anything else, and one that I would easily pass up if I knew what it was going in.

  • This is another game that I had beaten in the past but played through again. I had finished this one when it was first released on the Xbox 360, but this time I decided to give the Steam version a go. This game got some SERIOUS flack when it came out, and much of it was deserved. However there is something about this game I really dig. It is pretty short, but I actually liked the multiplayer a whole lot. Not many people still play the game online, but there still seems to be a small community for it.

  • What got me to play through the entirety of this game, let alone the SNES version? Jeff mentioning in the Bombcast. Now I am addicted to getting achievements in retro games, enough so that I slogged through this thoroughly awful game.

  • Another game finished thanks to Retro Achievements. I finished the Game Boy version of this one. I had never played the Game Boy version of this before, always the NES one. This game is still quite fun, even though it is easy and fairly short.

  • And the third game in a row I beat for Retro Achievements. Every single time I start this game I end up playing it until I beat it. This game still holds up incredibly well and if you have somehow not played through this, do it.

  • The fourth retro game in a row? I played this one for the original Game Boy, which is a version I had not played previously. I had wondered how well it would work on the Game Boy and as it would turn out it works really well. I had enough fun to play through the entire thing twice in a row.

  • This was the first modern game I completed in a while. I absolutely loved Saints Row 4, so much so that I beat the entire game two times, doing all side content and everything. Well with Gat Out of Hell I did the same, but the experience was not so good. I still had enough fun to fully complete the game, but it really felt like a cheap thrown together slice of what Saints Row 4 was. There was no music, countless glitches, and a fairly bland landscape. Luckily the core gameplay from Saints Row 4 was intact.

  • This is a game that I played a ton of when it was first released and loved to death. Well the game is still a ton of fun and I got hooked immediately. I revisited this one for achievements, but had a blast going back to it.

  • The sixth game this year that I played through thanks to Retro Achievements. This game is of course still really great, but man I forgot how tough some of those levels can be in world 8.

  • Finished this one on the collection of Golden Axe games on the Xbox 360. I remember loving this game when I was younger, but for some reason when playing it this time it was much rougher than I remembered. Many times were a test of frustration and repetition.

  • Pretty much the same things that applied to the first Golden Axe apply to its sequel as well. I did think this one was slightly better than the original, but still not great.

  • Finished this one again, but this time it was on the PS4 version. I still love this game so much, I got hooked all over again and ended up beating it twice. Working on a third play though as well.

  • So I finally got around to finishing this one despite owning it for a year now. While this game did look pretty, it was lacking where it really counts, the game play. For whatever reason this game just did not click with me and I was actually happy when I finished it.

  • For whatever reason it took me this long to dive into Bioshock Infinite. I absolutely loved both of the other games and for some reason I have owned this game for so long, excited to play it but it just got tossed in the back log with everything else. Well I wish I had played it sooner because this game was amazing. It had its hooks in me right from the start and did not let go. The only negative experience I had was the big finale battle of the game, but that seems to be the case in the entire series. If anyone is reading this that has also put the game off, go play it now.

  • Tower defense games are ones that I typically do not care for. For whatever reason though I got really sucked into Kingdom Rush on my phone. I had played it some on Steam in the past, but this time around I decided to give it a go on my phone.

  • I have had this one installed on my PC for quite some time but never played it. Well I decided I really need to play more of my games on Steam so I fired this one up. While I am not very good at fighting games, I had quite a bit of fun with this one while it lasted.

  • It had been so very long since I had played any Guitar Hero or Rock Band game. For whatever reason I had been getting the itch to play one of these games again. I had a few of these sitting on my shelf that I hadn't even touched yet. Well I decided to go with Guitar Hero Smash Hits. I had some fun playing one of these games again, and I am even more hyped for the new Rock Band. However, I did not really like the choices of the songs in this collection of the "smash hits", so I kept feeling like I couldn't wait to get the current song over so I could hopefully unlock more that I liked.

  • I had zero idea what this game was before going in, just that it was one of the PlayStation Plus games for the PS4. It turned out to be a pretty great co-op experience all about native Alaskans living up north. Even being from Alaska and hearing about a lot of this information already, it was still super interesting and insightful.

  • This is one I had played through back when it was released on Xbox 360, but I decided to play through it again this time on Steam. I have been playing a lot of Risk lately so when I was looking through my library of Steam games this one jumped out at me. I really like the style and charm of this game, but the PC port is certainly not the best, especially considering there is a glitch that will crash an online game.

  • Picked this one up for free right before it was no longer free. I don't yet own an Xbox One at this point and I totally thought it was only released on it. Once I found out it was also released on 360 I excitedly downloaded it. I am admittedly not really a fan of most racing games, but I really enjoyed the original Forza Horizon ton. A free fairly packed game that took a few hours to complete was a perfect experience for me. The Fast & Furious license here really didn't play too much a part, but it was still super fun.

  • This one is a game that I randomly downloaded from my Steam list. It really isn't all that great of a game, and to be honest I don't know why I played it as long as I did. The music in it is pretty good though.

  • Way late to the party on this one. This was another that I decided to download from my Steam list when I noticed I hadn't even played it yet. I did play this on 360 quite a while back, but lost interest and moved on to something else before beating it. Well while sort of swept up in the hype for Mortal Kombat X and really giving this a shot I quite enjoyed it and played it straight through in only a couple of sittings.

  • It took me a long time to finally get around to finishing this game. I absolutely love the other Uncharted games so I really wanted a Vita so I could play this one. As it turns out this isn't a super great Uncharted game. It is littered with far too many stupid Vita gimmicks to be great. I did still enjoy my time, but I really wish they had left out the touch screen/back touch/tilting stuff.

  • This one took me by total surprise. I got this one in a bundle and decided to give it a shot. I ended up sitting and playing through it in one play and really enjoyed it a lot. I am not usually happy about mobile games being on Steam, but this one still fits the PC quite well.

  • I ended up picking this one up blindly in a PlayStation Flash Sale. I really love the look of this game, but boy do those camera angles make it hard to play the game at times. I did end up enjoying my time with it, and ended up beating it by myself and with a friend in co-op. The game is super short, but for a low price it is totally worth playing.

  • Picked this one up in the Steam Summer Sale. I have always enjoyed the King of Fighters games in so much as I throw the difficulty down, go to the arcade or story mode, and play through it. This one seems good, but boy am I bad at it. Even at the lowest difficulty that final boss was a beast and it took me so long to beat it.

  • Fighting games are really not games I am good at, but since I recently completed MK9 I was super pumped to play X. I ended up getting it for quite a good deal so I got it on Steam. I had a ton of fun with this game and was once a Street Fighter guy since the SNES days, but now days I am feeling these newer Mortal Kombat games much more than Street Fighter. I think a lot of that comes from the fact that MK9 and X are both much more accessible to those of us who are terrible at fighting games. Like MK9 I really enjoyed playing through the story mode in X and am really looking forward to see where that after credits sequence takes the next game.

  • Another game with an X in the title. This is the second game I picked up in the Steam Summer Sale that I played through. As a matter of fact as soon as I bought it I downloaded it and then started playing it. This is probably my favorite of the Metal Slug games.

  • Somehow I managed to play through this entire game on the PC. Even though I had to turn the graphics down and play through some rough framerates I still enjoyed it enough to play through the whole thing. While I did get a little tired of the far too many Batmobile sequences, I thought it was right at home with the other Arkham games.

  • This was the first time I had ever played the Battletoads Arcade game. Somehow none of the arcades I went to as a kid ever had a machine. Well, thanks to the Rare Replay collection on Xbox One I finally got a chance. I find this one to be the most fun Battletoads as I love me some sidescrolling beat 'em ups. I ended up playing through this three different times to beat it with each character.

  • Another one that I finished thanks to the Rare Replay collection. I had also never played this game in the past but remember playing some game that was fairly similar. This game confused the ever loving hell out of me for a while, but I ended up picking it up. Once you know where to go and how things work this one really does not take very long to finish. I certainly enjoyed this one more by the end of playing it than I did at the beginning, but it is still hard to get into if you have no nostalgia for it.

  • This is certainly not a game I expected to even exist, let alone finish. The game is basically an educational point and click adventure game to teach kids about the point in history in which the slave trade was going on. I didn't actually think the game was completely aweful, but it certainly wasn't great. I think maybe the game went a tad too far with slave Tetris?

  • And so it begins. This was the first hidden object game I completed this year. I actually thought this one was pretty decent and enjoyed my time with it. As far as these games go the production level was pretty high.

  • Played the PlayStation version of this on my Vita. I actually am not sure I ever played this one in the past. I know I have played other Alpha games, but never got around to the first one. I quite enjoyed it and really like playing PlayStation games on the Vita.

  • Another hidden object game completed. I actually really liked this game quite a bit. I started it originally to work on the wiki page, but was having a ton of fun with it. The hidden object scenes in this one are actually not just a list of items but require some puzzle solving. I would say if anyone has a passing interest in playing a hidden object game this one would be worth a shot.

  • The things I play for the sake of the wiki. I played this one on Steam, and ended up playing through all the progression mode and challenge mode. This was one of the most generic and boring kart racers I have ever played. This one was obviously put together in a short time and is filled with bugs, terrible A.I., and even quite a bit of typos. Don't ever play this game, even if you have kids that enjoy Hello Kitty.

  • I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed this campaign. I have played through the campaign in Battlefield 4 multiple times (mostly due to achievements/trophies). That campaign is totally generic and uninteresting, but this one is completely different. I played through the whole game like a stealth game, trying to not get caught and arresting everyone. I would actually recommend this one to anyone looking for something a little different from the standard AAA shooter campaign.

  • Not much to say about this terrible fighting game. I randomly chose this one off of my Steam list and it was nothing short of a steaming pile, I would not recommend this to anyone.

  • Another hidden object game that I completed in the pursuit of a filled out wiki page. This one wasn't too bad, and I actually had some fun going through it. The production values for a hidden object game were surprisingly high.

  • I ended up finishing this one about a week after the 9 Clues game. This one was not as fun as that game was and seemed to drag on for far too long.

  • This game as it stands only has a single episode with no release date for the others in sight. Picked this one up on Steam on a whim and gave it a try. I was quite surprised by it and really enjoyed the FMV puzzle/adventure. I am really looking forward to the day they finally release the rest of it.

  • As a sucker for NES style games I had to give this one a shot. I have never seen this movie, or more importantly the MST3K episode featuring it. I did however complete the game, and it was....alright. It was pretty short and the gameplay was alright, but ultimately nothing special.

  • I took way too long to finally dive into this game. I started it on Steam something like a year ago but just didn't get very far. Well I ended up getting it for free on Xbox One because of Games With Gold.

    I ended up REALLY loving this game a lot. I was never a huge fan of the Tomb Raider games that came out before the 360 games, but this one is by far my favorite of the series. I am really looking forward to the next in the series.

  • Boy have I completed this game too many times in the name of achievements/trophies. This time around I finished it on hard on the Xbox One.

  • I actually hated the 3D Worms games until I really gave this one a shot. I let the kids I work with play it a lot and it turns out the game is a lot of fun when playing multiplayer. I did also finish the single player campaign, which is alright but nowhere near as fun as the multiplayer is.

  • Ah Fighting Force, I game I loved when I was younger. I played through this game a bunch of times back when it first came out so I was pretty excited to play this one on the Vita. Well this is certainly a case of a game really not holding up to the test of time. This game is super generic, repetitive, and honestly quite boring.

  • I was super excited to dive in to Fallout 4, and dive in I did. Despite a lot of the negativity I had a ton of fun with it. I somehow spent over 2 days worth of time in the game when I had thought I didn't play it very much yet. I played through the whole thing on the Xbox One and didn't encounter too many bugs, and only one where I had to go back to a previous save. I even spent far more hours than I had expected to just building up my bases. I will continue to pour more hours into this one while I mop up the rest of the achievements and side quests.

  • I actually had no idea what this game even was before I played it. It was free and I saw someone else on my friends list had played it so I figured I would just try it out. Little did I know this was like a bite sized Stanley Parable style game. I loved playing Stanley Parable and as it turns out I loved this one too. I would certainly recommend everyone try this out, it is free on Steam and only takes about a half an hour to get through.

  • This would be the second time I have finished this game. The first time around I beat it on Steam while this time around was on the PS4.

  • I finally got around to playing the second game in the Alpha series. I played the PlayStation version of this on my PS3. I liked this one quite a bit more than the first Alpha.

  • Another PlayStation game that I played through. After the debacle that was THPS 5 I decided I really wanted to play a good Tony Hawk game again so I went and got my original copy of the game that I had put hundreds of hours into.