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Best of 2010

bobafettjm: Best of 2010.
This list is only comprised of games I have had the most fun playing this year. There are many great games that I have not had a chance to play yet, so keep that in mind.

List items

  • Red Dead was a game that I honestly did not really follow leading up to it's release. Then it came out and I couldn't believe how great it was. The world, the characters, everything just immersed me like most game can't.

  • Alan Wake is another game that took me by surprise. I am usually not into horror games, but I decided to give this game a shot. I have not been so enthralled with a story of a game for quite some time. I literally sat on the edge of my seat while playing this game many times.

  • Yes I know, I put Black Ops in my top 10. You know what there are a lot of haters on this game, but I have already put over 70 hours into the multiplayer and I am sure I will put hundreds more into it. I really didn't care for the single player very much, but the sheer amount of time I have played and will continue play the online makes it one of my top of the year.

  • Super Meat Boy is a game that is both extremely controller throwing frustrating and extremely enjoyable at the same time. I had such a blast playing through the single player in this game and it reminds me of the type of game that I haven't really seen since N .

  • Fallout: New Vegas most certainly had it's fair share of problems, but that did not stop me from loving this game. This game still had all the stuff I loved from Fallout 3, plus more. I love all the choices in this game, and I plan on playing through it more times to see the other endings.

  • Pokemon Soul Silver is the first Pokemon game I have really played since the original Red and Blue. I got a huge sense of awesome childhood nostalgia when I started playing this game, and remembered why these games are so much fun. I am still playing this game and trying to collect them all, this game had to be on the list.

  • This game really took me by surprise. I didn't even know this one was coming out until the day it was released. I thought at first it was going to be Pac-Man Championship Edition with a few additions, boy was I wrong. This game has that addicting quality of trying to beat your friends scores. There is also a surprising amount of variations and stuff to do in this game it is well worth the price of admission.

  • I had never played the first Battlefield: Bad Company, and hadn't played any Battlefield game since the original Battlefield: 1942. I really ended up loving the single player in this one. There was a lot of humor and personality in the characters. Then there's the multiplayer side which is a nice change of pace from the Call of Duty style of multiplayer.

  • Halo: Reach contains my favorite single player game of all the Halo games. It felt like a much different style of pacing and progression than most of the previous Halo games. The multiplayer is not so much my style, but it was still very fun. The new addition of Forge World was great, and I would love to see a similar feature in more games.

  • This is the game on my list I don't expect many would have. I LOVED this game when it first came out on the N64, so I was quite excited to hear it was coming to XBLA. When it finally came out it did not disappoint one bit. I still had a ton of fun playing through the single player, and the upgraded textures really made it look a lot better. The multiplayer is just as fun to me as it always had been, especially if you can get a few friends to play some split screen. I would have payed full price for this game so for me it was a steal at the price it is.