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Conquests 9: We've Gone Too Far (Games I Beat in 2019)

Well here it is, the ninth year in a row that I keep a list of games that I have beaten. I made myself a goal of 50 games last year, but ended up with only 40. I would hope to beat at least that much this year, but with some of that pesky life coming in to play I am not sure I will this year. But still, it is nice to have goals, right?

I will quote my criteria from previous years.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal. I will also count a game beat if I put a ton of time into it if it has no way of finishing it.

Previous Years Lists

List items

  • Started off this year with a fairly unique puzzle game. I picked this up on a whim during a Steam sale and ended up REALLY enjoying my time with it. The game is basically a jigsaw puzzle game, but instead of typical puzzle pieces they are pieces of a stained glass image. The game is relaxing and I really enjoy the stained glass art style. I even ended up buying the DLC and getting all the achievements the game had to offer.

  • This is a game that I had heard plenty of both good and bad about. Of course I tend to hear about the story in Quantic Dream games being not very well written, but I really enjoyed my time with Detroit and it was mainly because I liked the story. This was my favorite of their games so far and I really look forward to more of them in the future.

  • This would have to be an early front runner for surprise of the year for me. I had no idea what this game really was or if it was very good. I decided to download it thanks to Game Pass and just give it a shot. I ended up LOVING this game to pieces. It is just a fun game to play. I also really enjoyed the theme and style of the game, with the narrator making me laugh multiple times. I ended up playing this by myself all the way through and with a friend in co-op. I still plan on going back through again to get all the collectibles I missed.

  • Fired this one up in MAME randomly. I hadn't played this one in YEARS, but it is still a great game. If you like shooters you have probably already played this game.

  • Bought this one on sale on Steam after seeing it on this site. I ended up REALLY loving this game. I played through it multiple times, both the base game and with the remastered Love levels. I would totally recommend people play this one. It is not very expensive and not too much of a demand on the players time, and it controls so well.

  • After playing through the sequel, Kuso, multiple times I decided to go back and play through the original. Even though I played through the sequel first, going back to the original did not make it any less fun. This one still controls very well and is still quite good.

  • Got this one from a random bundle and when looking at the store page for it thought it looked like a lot of fun. Well I ended up loving this game even more than I had expected. It is a scrolling shooter with a pretty great, crazy style to it. I would certainly recommend anyone who likes shooters to give this one a shot. It is not punishingly hard, at least on the normal difficulty.

  • Got this one on a sale on Xbox One and thought it looked fun. I had never even seen this game before so I really had NO idea what it was. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It feels like a lot of other classic Neo Geo games, but with some fun twists.

  • Got this one for free on the Xbox One so I decided to give it a go. I haven't played entirely through a turn based role-playing game in a long time due to not having anywhere near the time to play that I used to. I have never seen a full episode of Adventure Time, but that did not stop me from really having a ton of fun in this game and really liking some of the characters. This game also had a lot more challenge to it than I had expected going in considering it is based on a kids cartoon. I not only ended up finishing the game, but went ahead and got all of the achievements as well.

  • While I may not be very good at shooters, I do still really enjoy a good one, and this one is certainly a good one.

  • Watching Dan and Vinny play through this made me want to go back and play it again. This time I went with the arcade version of the game, which I had only played briefly a couple of times over 20 years ago. Boy oh boy was this a frustrating experience. While the Genesis version is still not great, this one was very obviously unfair for the sake of getting more quarters. I much prefer to play the Genesis version.

  • The sequel to the puzzle game that surprised me at the beginning of the year. The sequel was still great, and I will probably get these games again on the Xbox One to get the achievements in those.

  • I am still a sucker for retro style 2D platforming games. I saw this one on sale for super cheap on the Xbox One so I thought I would give it a shot. The game was very.....okay. It is super short and there is not much variety to the game. It did have very easy achievements and it was fun for 20 minutes or so, but I would probably pass on this one.

  • Another ACA Neo Geo release on the Xbox One. I had seen this game in the past, but I can't remember ever playing it myself. I had a ton of fun with this one for sure.

  • I was pretty excited for this to come out. I loved the first Crackdown game, I even played through it multiple times. I ended up just never getting Crackdown 2 so I was ready to dive back in. I ended up playing this whole game in co-op with a friend. We had quite a lot of fun playing though it, but it is certainly a case of a game being more fun with a friend. It is not a very technically sound game, or offer very much variety in the types of activities. The competitive multiplayer was a huge dud and was really no fun. It would still be a recommendation from me if you have Game Pass and have a friend to play through it with you.

  • Yet another ACA Neo Geo release on the Xbox One. I always remembered liking this era of fighting games more than I end up liking them now days. This one was still fun, but near the end it started to get real frustrating. For someone who is not great at fighting games this one was just too hard. It is still quite fun to play with a friend though.

  • The first hidden object game I finished in quite some time. I did enjoy my time with Crimson Lily, but it was pretty much just a standard fare hidden object game.

  • I had only briefly played the first Guacamelee game before this one was released. Well it came to Game Pass, and had Game Pass quests associated with it so I dove in. I got the achievements I needed for the quests, but instead of just moving on I decided to keep playing. I got sucked in with the really great game play and ended up playing through the whole thing. There were certainly some fairly frustrating moments, but it felt really satisfying to complete some of the sections and overall I REALLY liked this game.

  • I enjoyed Guacamelee 2 so much that I decided I would go back and play through the first game. It was really strange to go back to the first after playing the second one, but it made me also realize that the first game was much shorter and easier than the second game.

  • I love the Batman Arkham games so much that I have played through each game multiple times. The first time I finished this one was on PC on the lowest possible settings due to my computer at the time being not great. This time around it was on the Xbox One and I really enjoyed playing through it with a better framerate and decent graphics.

  • Randomly chose this one from my Launchbox set up. This is a pretty terrible looking fighting game that plays just as badly as it looks. Unless I am just missing something here I would steer clear of this one for sure.

  • This was one of the stranger "games" that I have finished in a long time. It is really just a narrative driven game that involves players just walking around and interacting with things. The story was just a little too out there and strange for me and despite the game taking maybe 40 minutes I kept wondering when it was finally going to be over.

  • I FINALLY got around to playing through DOOM. What an incredibly action packed, fun FPS. I felt like it really captured the feel of DOOM so well while still seeming like a modern game. I have no idea why it took me so long to get to this one.

  • Played this one thanks to Game Pass. I had absolutely no idea what this game even was before I downloaded it, so I went in completely unaware. I ended up being surprised that it was a blocky style dungeon crawler style game. I quite enjoyed my time with it, but it is fairly basic and short.

  • I have a confession to make, this is the FIRST time I have ever fully played through the entirety of this game (with the Final Doom levels at least). I got this for $5 on the Xbox One and had a blast playing it again. That last episode, Thy Flesh Consumed, had some pretty tough parts. I think it is time to download Doom II.

  • This one surprised me for sure. While I have enjoyed just about every campaign in the Call of Duty series, this one was my favorite since Infinite Warfare. Those "clear the building" night vision missions were so great, especially the sound design. I also ended up enjoying the online much more than I have in a very long time. I have played the online in every call of duty game in the series, and this one would rank up towards the top.

  • I ended up playing all of the "missions" in this game which involve building a track to pick up some characters and deliver them to the station, often time involving a secondary objective. This was a surprisingly fun and relaxing game that brought me back to being a kid and playing with these wooden trains. Some of the objectives were also creative and fun as well. I ended up getting all 1000 achievement points as well.

  • I know some people are mixed on this game, but it is for sure my game of the year. I had so much fun playing through all the content I could find in this game. I originally played it on Xbox One all the way through, and then dove right back in to the PC version right after. It definitely feels like an Obsidian game, whether that is exciting to you or not depends on taste and past experiences probably. I am excited to either see some more content come to this game or what they will come up with next.

  • Finished this one on the Contra Anniversary Collection on Xbox One. I actually played through the Japanese and English versions. I have always loved the NES version of Contra, and play through it every once in a while. I much prefer this version over the arcade version.

  • I have no idea what made me play through this again, but I did. I saw it in my Steam list and loaded it up, and ended up playing the entire game again. After fairly recently going back through the first 4 games I can say that this HD remake really just feels a little off. It is not a terrible game or anything, but it can be frustrating to someone who spent a LOT of time with the original games.

  • Next one up on the Contra Anniversary Collection was Super C. I never did play this one on the NES for one reason or another. This one feels noticeably more bland and easy than the first one did. I am glad I played through it, and it was still fun, but I do not think this will become a repeat play through like the original.

  • And here we are, one of my favorite arcade games of all time. This time around I finished this game on the 1Up Arcade Cabinet for it.

  • Busted this game out right at the very end of the year. I ended up buying this one and playing it on the Switch while I was on vacation. I absolutely loved Fred Wood's other games; LOVE and KUSO so I figured I had to just get this one. While I did enjoy playing through it, I didn't like it as much as the previous two games, but it is still a short, fun experience.