Detroit: Become Human

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    An interactive drama from the studio behind Heavy Rain, exploring the consequences of newfound android sentience.

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    Detroit: Become Human is a sci-fi drama adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony for the PlayStation 4 on May 25, 2018. A PC port of the game was released via the Epic Games Store on December 12, 2019.

    A spiritual successor to the studio's 2010 game Heavy Rain, Detroit puts players in the role of three separate protagonists (one of whom previously appeared in the studio's earlier tech demo "Kara") as their stories, which can have numerous branching paths and multiple endings, intertwine into one overall narrative (with the possibility of each of them dying, which continue the story). Along with third-person exploration of their character's surroundings, players converse with timed dialogue trees and use specific button/joystick/tilt prompts for actions (including quick time events for higher-intensity sequences).

    The story is set in near-future 2038, taking place in Detroit, Michigan (which has become the central hub for the development of realistic androids by the Cyberlife Corporation). As the subservient androids are mysteriously becoming fully sentient (becoming what's known as "deviants"), players control three androids as they become involved in an android rebellion:

    • Markus, a caretaker android (voiced by Jesse Williams) looking after Carl Manfred (a famous painter, voiced by Lance Henriksen, who helped him find his free will) who is trashed after an altercation with Carl's son. After repairing himself, he ends up leading a colony of deviants (along with fellow deviant North, voiced by Minka Kelly) to rally for their rights.
    • Connor, a prototype police android (voiced by Bryan Deschart) sent by Cyberlife to help hunt down deviants. He partners with Hank Anderson, a ragged Lieutenant (played by Clancy Brown) who distrusts androids.
    • Kara, a housekeeper android (voiced by Valorie Curry) who helps ten-year-old Alice escape her abusive father. Becoming fugitives, they intend to flee to Canada (which has no specific laws involving androids and is considered a "safe haven").

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