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    Quantic Dream

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    Quantic Dream is a French developer of games and motion capture specialist, founded by David Cage.

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    Quantic Dream was founded by David Cage in 1997. As well as being a French game developer, they assist other companies in using motion capture.

    Understandably, as a result of their motion capture expertise they utilise it heavily in their games. Heavy Rain uses facial motion capture from voice actors during the actual line recordings to animate the character faces. Its main motivation behind using motion capture extensively stems from their core philosophy of interactive cinema.

    Quantic Dream is said to be working on a sequel to their first game, "Omikron: The Nomad Soul." No word yet if Omikron 2 will also feature David Bowie as the first game did.

    During E3 2012, Quantic Dream announced their next IP, Beyond: Two Souls.

    Acquired by NetEase Games on August 31st 2022.


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