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Hassan is a secondary character that appears only in the 'Hassan's Shop' scene in Heavy Rain.  Hassan's son Reza was a past victim of the Origami Killer.  In the scene in question, Scott Shelby visits the store to inquire about Reza's death.
Hassan greets Scott Shelby on entrance, and acts generally courteous towards him.  Shelby asks Hassan about his son Reza's death in the hopes that he can learn anything new from him, but Hassan pleads for Shelby to leave those matters in the past.  Shelby obliges, and as he is about to leave, asks Hassan where the inhalers can be found.  Hassan points Shelby towards the back of the shop.
As Shelby collects an inhaler from a store shelf, another person enters the convenience store.  The man begins to pace around in front of Hassan, who is stationed by the cash register, and then pulls a gun on him.  As the man orders Hassan to empty the cash register, Hassan stands firm and refuses to aid the robber.
At this point, the player as Shelby has numerous options on how to approach this situation.  Shelby can attempted to get the drop on the robber by sneaking up on him with an improvised weapon such as a frying pan, or he can attempt to talk the robber out of the act.  Either way, the thief will leave empty handed, though if a mistake is made, the robber may wound Shelby with a bullet.  After the robbery is thwarted, Hassan will open up to Shelby about his son and hand him a cardboard box that was sent to him by the Origami Killer.  Shelby takes the box and leaves.
If the player stays at the back of the shop and avoids stepping in to stop the robbery, the thief will eventually shoot Hassan.  The man will immediately regret what he has done, and promptly leave the store.  Once the thief has left, Shelby approaches Hassan, whom is bleeding out on the shop floor, and tries to console him.  Hassan will tell Shelby about his son and his wish to meet the person who killed him, and then dies.

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