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    PlayStation Trophies

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    Trophies are an incentive-based system for the completion of various objective in PS3, Vita, and PS4 titles.

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    Trophies are the PlayStation counterpart to Xbox achievements and were incorporated in the system since the 2.40 update. Trophies are a form of reward that players can obtain for in-game accomplishments, such as beating a certain level, collecting a number of items, etc. All trophies are determined by the developers and as such the difficulty of obtaining trophies can vary from game to game. Some games released prior to 2.40 have been updated to feature trophy support, including Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Burnout Paradise. Super Stardust HD was the first game to have trophies included after release, and PixelJunk Eden is the first game to come with trophies at release.

    Trophy System

    SCE introduced a level system that gives the user an incentive to get more trophies. Trophies work on a tier-based system; obtaining a trophy of higher tier contributes more to your level than a lower tier. The trophies tiers are, from least important: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Acquiring trophies adds to your tally and contributes to a percentage bar attached to your PlayStation Network ID. Once a bar is completed your level increases, very similar to character leveling in role-playing games. The required number of trophies increases per level, and the necessary amount as well as the actual value of each trophy has never been revealed to the public.

    Within the PlayStation 3's XrossMediaBar, under Game, a list of trophies available and obtained per game is displayed including a percentage of completion determining the percentage of trophies obtained from that particular game, including those unique to downloadable content (if that system was connected to the internet when that list was updated by the developer) whether that content was obtained or not.

    Platinum Trophy

    Platinum trophies are awarded only to players who have acquired all other trophies in a game, thus signifying 100% completion; however, obtaining the platinum trophy does not require earning any trophies unique to downloadable content. When acquired, a small platinum trophy symbol is added to the game's particular percentage completion list.

    Platinum trophies are usually reserved for games sold on Blu-ray, but certain PSN games have been deemed "big enough" to include a platinum, such as Wipeout HD, Call of Duty: Classic, and Trine.

    Future Trophy Implementation

    Sony revealed that starting in 2009, all games released on the PS3 had to have trophies. However, Trophy support is only mandatory in titles that were submitted for certification after January 1, 2009; so not all games released in 2009 had trophies since they could have been certified before January 1, 2009 and therefore an optional choice for the game's developers.

    The Japan exclusive "PSP Remasters" series are excluded from this requirement, and none of the games in this series have trophies.

    Value of Trophies

    Please note: The values provided have been proven but are not official. However, since the first day trophies are introduced: Gulzt, PortlandRidah, Dajmer79, Docbooch, and Shuishou have collected trophy data for months, using the data accounts of all the leading trophy hunters.

    Trophy Values

    • Bronze = 15 points
    • Silver = 30 points
    • Gold = 90 points
    • Platinum = 180 points
      * Many screenshots have proven the numbers in the first months. When Sony introduced percentages we could be sure our findings were correct. There is a very easy way to confirm the numbers yourself:
      1. Count your trophies and multiply them each by their point value. For example you have 2 bronze, 4 silver, 1 gold:
        (2*15 4*30 1G*90) = 240pt
      2. Check in the table below at what level you should be. In our example you see level 2 plus 40 points
      3. Calculate the leap to the next level. In our example there is 400 points to gain from level 2 to 3.
      4. If you divide the number of points you have by the number of points you need to collect to level up, you'll get your correct percentage. In our example: 40/400 = 10%. Our PSN card will show us: level 2 plus 10%

    Game Worth

    • Blu-ray retail release: 1230 points maximum
      • Select downloadable games, including most retail PS4 titles which also received a digital release, contain a Platinum trophy
      • DLC packs generally add about 200 points to the total
    • Downloadable release: 315 points maximum

    Total Number of Points Required to Reach Level:

    • Level 1 = 0
    • Level 2 = 200
    • Level 3 = 600
    • Level 4 = 1,200
    • Level 5 = 2,400
    • Level 6 = 4,000
    • Level 7 = 6,000
    • Level 8 = 8,000
    • Level 9 = 10,000
    • Level 10 = 12,000
    • Level 11 = 14,000
    • Level 12 = 16,000
    • Level 13 = 24,000
    • Level 14 = 32,000
    • Level 15 = 40,000
    • Level 16 = 48,000
    • Level 17 = 56,000
    • Level 18 = 64,000
    • Level 19* = 72,000
    • Level 20 = 80,000
    • Level 21 = 88,000
    • Level 22 = 96,000
    • Level 23 = 104,000
    • Level 24 = 112,000
    • Level 25 = 120,000
    • Level 26 = 128,000
    • Level 27 = 138,000
    • Level 27 through 98 = previous level plus 10,000
    • Level 98 = 848,000
    • Level 99 = 858,000
    • Level 100 = 880,000
      *Firmware 3.00 changed the step-increase per level for level 19 and up, to 8000. Before this firmware update, level 19 required 120,000 points. This was calculated by extrapolation of scores of the leading trophy hunters. Currently the highest level is 100, which requires an additional 22,000 points after reaching level 99. Level 100 is approximately equivalent to earning a Platinum trophy on 715 retail games (or 2794 downloadable PSN games).

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