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    PlayStation Network

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    The online service used on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.

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    Registering a PSN account
    Registering a PSN account

    Launched along with the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Network is a service that allows online play and social functions between users, as well as downloading content like games, DLC, demos, and movies.

    The PlayStation Network currently has two types of accounts. Accounts are used for the consumer to buy their products from the PlayStation Store. The two most common ways of being able to purchase is using a credit card and a PSN card.


    The Master Account

    The standard account used for the network. Master accounts can hold certain usage conditions on associated sub-accounts. A email address is required to make an account, as well as: date of birth, street address and an Online ID.


    Users who do not have the requirements for a master account in their region can only make a sub account. Sub account holder cannot make wallets but can use them from the associated master account to pay for products or other goodies. A sub account cannot be created without if a master account does not exist.

    Online ID

    The Online ID is where you register a name that will be shown to the public in the Playstation Network. One important factor is to ultimately create a name you can stick with because once the Online ID is created it cannot be deleted. If you decide to create another Online ID, you will have to create another account. Your Online ID profile is what holds your friends, messages, and trophies.

    Playstation Store

    PlayStation Store Logo
    PlayStation Store Logo

    The Playstation store has been a fundamental part of the PSN service. In the beginning it was exclusive only to the system, providing online games and downloadable content. However titles for the PSP have been slowly added. You can now buy or rent full movies through the store as well depending on the region of the PSN account. It also provides demos and videos for upcoming PS3 and PSP games. The PS store is also divided up between areas, so Europe and Asia do not get the same games or services at the same time.

    What you see available in the Playstation Store as well as the prices of the games, depends on the region in which your user account was created. It is possible to have multiple user accounts in multiple regions to allow for downloads of games or other services unavailable in your local area. However it is not possible to purchase different region DLC for a game, all DLC must be purchased from the native region of the disc.

    Currently the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable can access the service. The PlayStation Vita will gain access to the PSN as the Vita is launched in each region. Unlike Xbox Live the PSN is free to use. A number of new additions have been added. Both PlayStation Home and Trophies are an example.

    PlayStation Home

    PlayStation Home Logo
    PlayStation Home Logo

    PlayStation Home was shut down on March 31st, 2015.

    Playstation Home is for online users only. The user can talk to friends and meet new people around the world. The user can talk to one another by using text or voice chat. While Playstation Homes Voice chat is glitchy and faulty, mostly all users in home uses text. Home has rules about Profanity, if a user constantly says foul language in text, it will result in a ban. Playstation is always tracking the text, while it is a hard chance to get banned from PSN the user should still use proper words. Most users get away with it by replacing one letter with a hyphen or something else. Playstation home has great areas for friends to hang out with. There is the Mall, where a user can buy apartments, houses, clothes and special gear. There is also an area in the mall where users gather together to play chess. Most essential clothes items either cost $.99 or $1.99. Bigger things like houses cost $14.99 or less. Playstation home has an arcade where the user can bowl or play pool, or get on an arcade machine. Playstation Home also has a feature where they always add a location from popular games. Examples are, Uncharted 2, Residents Of Evil 5, Buzz, and numerous others. Playstation Home always gives users some free stuff when they do a certain task. Also in some games there are add ons that will allow a user to have a special item. An example is, Batman Arkham Asylum, this is only for users that buy the video game. The special item is the Arkham Batcave. Playstation Home continues to deliver the best products to keep the user happy and for He/she to have fun! Playstation Home recently became one year old, from 2009's Christmas.

    PlayStation Plus

    PlayStation Plus Logo
    PlayStation Plus Logo

    During E3 2010, Sony announced PlayStation Plus (PS+). PlayStation Plus is a subscription version of PlayStation Network. That was launched to the public on June 29th, 2010.

    The service allows for three different subscriptions:

    • 12 months for US$59.99/CAD$69.99
    • 3 months for US$24.99/CAD$29.99
    • 1 month for US$9.99/CAD$11.99

    The service will offer exclusive content. You'll receive:

    • Online multiplayer for the PlayStation 4
    • Access to free hit games, with new games added each month. **Note that these games will only be available to you while you're subscribed to PlayStation Plus.**
    • Exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store
    • Up to 3GB of cloud save storage
    • PlayStation Plus will also push firmware updates, demos and patches directly onto your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

    PlayStation Now

    PlayStation Now Logo
    PlayStation Now Logo

    PlayStation Now was announced during Sony's 2014 CES presentation on January 7th, 2014. It is one of the products of Sony's purchase of Gaikai. It is a game streaming service designed so one can play PlayStation games everywhere. The expected rollout is within 2014.

    The service is planning on streaming games to the following devices:


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