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Worst Things About PlayStation

This list compiles all of PlayStation's blunders, whether they be minor or major incidents - everything will be found here. Don't take absolutely everything listed here too seriously (for the most part). This list is personal preference, and you don't necessarily need to agree with me.

List items

  • Overpriced at launch, and it took a while to get out of the front door compared to Microsoft's counterpart: the Xbox 360. Despite my thoughts about the PS3 being a great console, it was an undeniably hard sell for many people up until 2012.

  • I might be alone on this one, but this guy is a complete idiot with no idea what to do with the PlayStation brand - see backwards compatibility below.

  • The major incident in 2011 when Sony's PSN servers were hacked affected everyone who had a console, at least Sony had a good response to the hacking incident.

  • Or, generally speaking, lack thereof. Sony has never seen the potential of backwards compatibility like Microsoft has - and that's clear with current CEO Jim Ryan who somehow thinks that people don't want to play old games anymore!

  • Way too many PlayStation games suffer this fate to be healthy.

    This completely devastated the LittleBigPlanet community forever. Especially egregious is that Sony shut down the servers for LBP without no clear warning beforehand.

  • Sony, listen: Shutting down servers for a game that lived on servers kind of kills what made the game fun to play in the first place.

    Just take my advice.

  • It's like history is repeating itself with the launch of the PlayStation 5. Overpriced, underdeveloped and sold out like crazy. Let's just hope that people are able to get one.

  • Don't follow Microsoft's shitty decisions, Sony. Let me make it clear below:


  • An underrated platform that went under the radar after Sony released the PS4.

  • Main models utilize a weird disc format that was easily pirated. Although the PSP was an underrated system, the PSP Go was a digital-only model that was way too expensive for what it offered.

  • A Wii rip-off, let's be serious about this.

  • Or lack thereof. Originally we had Crash Bandicoot, then we had Jak and Daxter, and then... I don't know, Sackboy? Since the PlayStation 2 days, Sony has never had a consistent mascot for their brand. I guess today you could point at those little astro bot characters, but I don't think they have much of an image to be considered memorable.

  • Sony's live service, online application for PS3 which you could interact with other players in a variety of different environments. Think of something similar to Second Life and you'll get the picture. The PlayStation Home was an interesting concept, but Sony pulled the plug on the thing way back in 2015 - essentially making all that purchased content worth nothing. Way to go, Sony.

  • Overpriced games on the storefront, and the system is a piracy haven for would-be hackers and fellow pirates.