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    Buzz! Quiz World

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 10, 2009

    The ninth game in the Buzz! series of trivia quiz games.

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    "Buzz!: Quiz World" is the ninth release in the Buzz! franchise. The game released for the PS3 in Europe on Oct. 30, 2009 and in North America on Nov. 10, 2009. The game also was released for the PSP in Europe on Dec. 18, 2009. Both the PS3 and PSP versions of the game support DLC and the PS3 version supports DLC from previous games along with user-submitted questions.  

    Question Types

    Point Builder

    Basic trivia where you get points for getting questions right. 

    Fastest Finger

    The person who gets the question right in the fastest time gets the points. 

    Stop The Clock

    Similar to Fastest Finger, but everyone who gets the question right gets points based on the speed in which they buzzed in. 

    Pie Fight  

    Questions slowly appear one letter at a time. The person who gets the question correct gets the pie. After the question, the person with the pie has a chance to hit someone (including themselves). Each person can get hit by a pie twice before losing. Last one standing wins. 

    On The Spot

    A random person is selected to answer a challenging question where the other players must vote on the how likely it is that the person will get the question right. The less likely votes are worth more, where as the very likely votes are worth less. The points are then either given or taken from the person depending on the outcome. 

    Short Fuse

    Essentially this is a trivia version of Hot Potato. Someone gets the bomb and can toss it to someone else once they answer correct. For every incorrect answer they hold on to the bomb and have to answer more questions. If the bomb goes off while you are holding it you will lose 300 points. 

    Over The Edge

    The goal of this mode is to be the last person standing. Each person starts off at base level in front of a pool of green slime. When someone gets an answer correct, they stay at the level they are at while every other player rises one level. If someone gives an incorrect answer, they will move up one level while everyone else stays at the same level they were at. Once you get to the 5th level, you will fall into the pool and be eliminated. Just like in Pie Fight, the questions appear one letter at a time. 

    Boiling Point

    Each player has a thermometer behind them where when they answer a question correctly, it raises one level. The first player to get it to the top wins. 

    Point Stealer

    In this mode the first person to get each question right chooses who they want to steal 300 points from. 

    High Stakes

    This is similar to Final Jeopardy in the game show Jeopardy where contestants are given a theme on what the question will be and then have to wager points on their outcome. If they get the question right, they win the points wagered, if they get it wrong, they lose them. 

    The Final Countdown

    The final round of the game has each player's podium raised a certain height depending on how many points they got throughout the game. When a question is asked the podiums start lowering, and stop when you answer the question. The first player to get the question correct gets a small boost to their podium height. Any other correct answers just has the podium stay where it is. If a player gets a question wrong, their podium will drop a bit. Once a player's podium touches the ground they are eliminated. Last one standing wins.


    Online games feature up to 8 participants, with a maximum of four per user. Online matches feature the same 5 game modes; Point Builder, Boiling Point, High Stakes, Stop The Clock, and ending with Final Countdown.

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