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Favorite Quick Looks

More will come later. Just the more amusing to me QL on Giant Bomb in no particular order. Looking back at the list, Ryan's in a lot of them.

List items

  • The thought of someone recording the stuff at the end in a v/o booth is beyond funny.

  • Such a bad game that nobody I know was asking for a sequel to, but it's saved by boo ghosties (at least in the QL).

  • 4 player chaos in this makes it highly entertaining.

  • After going through many of these hidden object games on the pc, this one was great to watch.

  • console QL

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  • Vinny takes this video from informative to hilarious quite quickly. If I play this I'm shooting everything ever, including birds & squad just to make sure that it's not some sociopath in the game. QL on the alpha.

  • Actually the demo quick look.

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  • Educational, irreverent & amusing.

  • Purely because the cinematic videos in this game are completely awesome to see.

  • Too many good ones in here but I can't recall the best above the rest.

  • Again?

  • Food loving madness in this.

  • Between the language used in the game with the satirical humor, the sword in the stone & the GB crew, this one is priceless & funny as hell


  • Bad things happen when mixing fire & water.

  • Well the beta anyway

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    Also good & related, TNT with the hilarious Control Point D confusion.

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  • 4 player chaos in this makes it highly entertaining & quite a long quick look.

  • Jeff, punching that horse or trying to makes it highly entertaining.

  • Having done a ton of photography classes & working with photoshop, I find the game quite interesting & the commentary from Ryan & Vinny quite amusing.

  • This QL sold me on getting this when I get the Kinect, looks fun to roam around the park.

  • The game that tries so much to be good at what it wants & fails. Quick look gets better when Jeff takes control.

  • Some amazing work done on the copyright infringing user levels & Jeff picked out some good ones, too bad there wasn't more time to go through the rest of that handful that he pulled off LBP user levels. Cutest sinking of the Titanic with my vampire girlfriend that I've ever seen.

  • While Vinny's Folly, for henceforth it is known by all thanks to ye damn jester union, I can at least appreciate the desire as it brings in the existence of more beer :)

  • Day1 DLC is so amazingly wicked cool looking( ), yes this sold me on getting a kinect when I move to a bigger place to be able to use it.

  • so freaking surreal with Danny Trejo in this to a game that looks kind of messed up in the controls & not moving your feet

  • Seems like the best in how the game handles & the funniest of the wipeout quick looks so far.

  • Game actually looks good though makes me want this to be the wacky direction that the story goes (partially) for Condemned 3 with kinect being optional. Definitely will get this, Disney Adventures & Gunstringer when I get a kinect. QL is just something that should have been made into an endurance run as the game doesn't look that long & the commentary of horror fans Ryan & Patrick would be good treat on this.

  • Vinny going out of his way to either break the game or make it much better. Need more quick looks on the site with the almost blooper/outtake reel at the end of this showing off just how things went wrong/right. ** Also look at the DLC that has Vinny taking on a variety of crazy, so far all the DLC quick looks have been hilarious so don't miss them.

  • So many classics for Jeff & Ryan to run through, forgotten about some of them but OMG Sinistar audio in that game is just menacing has hell (someone needs to do this in other games with the audio in Sinistar). Would have been nice in addition to the stuff Jeff points out about the controls that Pigskin was in this collection.

  • Highly entertaining when Me is typed in with all the crazy that happens from that. Disappointed that we didn't see any gentlemanly Cthulhu, raptors or others in this QL but still enjoyable.

    Can see it here though :)

  • FMV greatness, I hope that Ryan can get other FMV laserdiscs to just witness the perfect game with these classic light gun arcade games.

  • If the movie & all dragonball stuff was 2d cardboard fighting like this has in one fight, I'd consider watching it.

  • Quick look on historical gems of Mortal Kombat franchise.

    ( )

  • QL with everyone is always good, I find that Jeff's comment is profound on how quickly the vendors & other things established so quickly after everyone becoming a hero/villain.

  • Can't believe I forgot about this, thx for others on reminding me of this gem of stellar madness.

  • Game looked like Gameloft level of less than average junk but once the co-op starts about 20:00 min in, the quick look went from average to awesomely funny. Needed this level of humor today Jeff & Vinny.

  • How was this left off the list, Ryan's great in it.

  • Looks amazing & know many people who'd enjoy the dumb humor in this that turns into awesome.