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    Multimedia Celebrity Poker

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released May 08, 1995

    Joe Piscopo, Morgan Fairchild and Jonathan Frakes play poker with the power of more than one medium.

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    Multimedia Celebrity Poker, released in 1995 by New World Computing, is a CD-ROM-based poker game that allows players to test their poker skills against three B-level Hollywood celebrities. Headlining the game are Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation, North & South miniseries), Morgan Fairchild (Falcon's Crest, Hotel) and Joe Piscopo (Saturday Night Live, Wise Guys).


    DO NOT turn down the video quality
    DO NOT turn down the video quality

    Multimedia Celebrity Poker features eight styles of poker to play. Each player can select a new style when it is their turn to deal. These are:

    • 7 Card Stud
    • 7 Card Stud Low
    • 5 Card Stud
    • 5 Card Stud, Deuces Wild
    • 5 Card Draw, No Openers
    • 5 Card Draw, Jacks or Better
    • 5 Card Draw, Low
    • 5 Card Draw, Deuces Wild

    Players begin with chips worth $250. Betting is done by clicking on stacks of chips - white chips count as one, red chips count as two, blue chips count as four. The guest celebrities will refer to bets, raises, and antes by numbers of chips, not by their value; presumably to make putting the game together easier technically.

    The player can disable any of the three celebrities, but they will not leave the table; they simply are not dealt cards. However, at least one of the celebrities must remain active at all times. Players can switch between Classical, Pop, and Rock background music, toggle a voice for themselves (when requesting cards), or command Joe Piscopo to tell a joke through use of a drop-down menu. He will still tell jokes even when he has been disabled as a participant.


    The game includes a blooper reel of botched and unused video outtakes of the actors as a separate executable file. This video also hasn't been keyed, showing the green screen set and an idea of how video for the game was shot.

    System Requirements

    The following system requirements are listed as they appear in the game manual:

    • 2x CD-ROM
    • 486DX
    • Win 3.1x
    • 4MB of RAM Memory
    • Some hard drive space (the exact amount is not specified in the system requirements documentation)

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