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GOTY 2017

I went back and forth on whether or not I even wanted to make a game of the year list this year. I feel like I am way behind on games released this year.

I played such a little amount of games released in 2017 I found barely more than 10 on the list. Unless there is something that slipped my mind or I play something new between the end of the year and now, this is my list.

EDIT: I ended up editing this list on Christmas Eve since I finally had a chance to play SteamWorld Dig 2. I loved the game so much so I put it on my list to make it a top 11 now.

List items

  • I still do not own a Switch, so this one is on the Wii U. This is without a doubt my favorite game released this year. I am still nowhere near beating it yet because I have spent a lot of time just messing around in the amazing world.

  • This game speaks to me on so many levels. These games are some of my absolute favorites on the NES and it was so much fun revisiting them on a new platform with some modern trimmings around them. I not only completed each game, but finished all but one again in time trial mode and all of them in boss rush mode. The stuff Digital Eclipse has been doing as of late has been nothing but top notch. I can't wait to see what they do next.

  • A late entry on the list, but it made an impact. I didn't end up purchasing and playing this game until the last week of December, but it was worth updating my list to add it. I played through the entirety of the original game 4 times so I was pretty pumped to play the sequel. It did not disappoint with improvements in almost every way.

  • I don't think Pinball FX3 really does a whole lot to separate itself from the previous entry, but I did play it for quite a number of hours. I played this on PC, Xbox One, AND PlayStation 4.

  • While this game did come out a number of years ago in Japan, it did finally get released here this year. I ended up buying a physical PS4 copy and was not disappointed. I love both of these franchises, and mixing them together really worked better than I had thought. I even got my wife to play this one a significant amount.

  • A remake of the third entry in the Wonder Boy series is a delight. I love the way this game looks and sounds so much. Generally in a game that allows for players to switch to classic art and music I will do that, but this time around I mostly stuck with the new. The gameplay will probably feel dated to those who don't have nostalgia for older games, but it was right up my alley.

  • I was both disappointed and in love with Yooka-Laylee. I actually really enjoyed the actual act of playing the game and I loved the way it looks, but I did not enjoy the way the levels were laid out. I got lost and confused way more times than I should have, but this nod to Banjo Kazooie was what I was looking for.

  • I just got around to playing this one a couple of days in to December thanks to the Humble Monthly Bundle. I didn't end up beating the game as I got stuck and frustrated on the final boss, but up until that point I had a ton of fun. The game has a great look paired up with classic twin stick shooter style gameplay which instantly sucked me in.

  • I had so much fun with this game earlier in the year I had to include it on the list. I haven't played it since the rampant cheating started, but when it was first put out in Early Access I played it for quite a while. I had so much fun in the game, not caring whether I won or lost. It was all about the moments that would happen.

  • This one is probably the surprise entrant on the list. The game did come out a couple years ago I believe on mobile devices, but it just came out this November on PC. I expected to play it for a few minutes and ditch it as it is a mobile port of a scaled down Yu-Gi-Oh! experience. Well I actually ended up getting quite in to the quicker pace of the duels in this one and played it for over a dozen hours so far, which is quite a lot for me.

  • I went back and forth on whether to include this one on the list to be honest, but I just haven't played enough current releases to bump it off. While I still enjoy playing some Call of Duty multiplayer, I get so tired of the lag and spawn problems that I don't sink the kind of hours into them that I used to. However I really like it going back to the roots of the series as I was getting really tired of the flying around and wall running that the games have been doing for quite some time. I still find Modern Warfare Remastered to be the best Call of Duty on modern consoles though.