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    WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Mar 21, 2003

    Wario starts a video game company as part of his latest get rich quick scheme. Join him and his friends as you play through the dozens of wacky microgames they have created.

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    WarioWare Inc. is the first in a series of addictive "microgame" compilations starring Wario. Each game is extremely simple but the challenge becomes apparent as they start coming faster and faster.


    Gameplay consists of playing very simple microgames one after the other as the speed and difficulty increase. Each game lasts only around 3-6 seconds, and uses only the A button and/or D-Pad to play. The game's instructions are usually given in the form of a single word (eg. Cut!, Pick! or Jump!) and they must work out how to beat it before time runs out. After playing a certain number of microgames, a Boss Stage is encountered. Unlike normal games these have no set time limit.

    The main mode has the player play through a series of character stages. Each one contains a set of microgames based around a single genre, and ends when the Boss Stage is beaten (On subsequent plays, the Boss is followed by a character animation and the difficulty goes up, allowing the player to play endlessly). The catch is that the player only has four lives, and losing four microgames means Game Over. At a couple of points during the story mode, the genres played so far are jumbled up as a remix. There are further stages after the story is cleared that mix up every single game in an endless high score challenge.

    The main menu is broken down into three parts. Games is where the character stages, remix towers and minigames are found. The Grid is where each individual microgame is cataloged, with its own target score. Each game can be played on a loop like the main modes, and a flower is shown on it's icon when it's target is cleared. Finally, the Options menu allows the player to view the story epilogues, change their in-game name and gender, and clear the save data.


    According to the opening text, this game takes place in the year "200X".

    The story begins with Wario sitting in his chair watching TV, when a news report about a successful video game (Pyoro) appears on TV. Wario, in his usual greedy way, sees a way of making some quick cash. Changing into his biker duds, he goes out and buys a laptop to develop games on, and turns his home into a business named WarioWare, Inc. He quickly becomes bored with working, so he calls up his Diamond City friends to do it all for him.

    Character Stories

    As each story ends (except the Introduction), that character goes to the Gelateria. Eventually all the characters are gathered there.

    One of the introduction microgames: Jump!
    One of the introduction microgames: Jump!
    • Introduction: Wario is working out at WarioWare, Inc. He jumps on his trampoline and bounces up through a pipe in the roof, and when he comes down, he lands in his boom box. After the player has beaten his games, a tiny Wario hops out of the boombox, chased by the shark and potato cars from the Crazy Cars microgame. He runs back inside and bursts back out of the top (fully-grown) and squashes them.
    • Jimmy T.: Jimmy is spending his time on the Club Sugar dance floor, as always. He flips open his phone to start his selection of games. Afterward, he walks away, and shows the player a picture of a dog on his phone.
    • Mona: Joe opens up the Gelateria ready to start the day. Mona, meanwhile, is riding to work on her scooter but gets stopped while a bunch of school kids cross the road. She realizes she's going to be late for work so picks up her speed. A cop notices her and starts to give chase. Mona presses a button on her scooter and an animal friend (an elephant called "1") pops out of the back and fires something at the cop, with no effect. Mona calls out a second animal (this time a pig named "2") which kicks a soccer ball at the car but still not stopping it. As dozens more police cars join the chase, Mona brings out a monkey ("3") which drops a banana peel on the road, successfully stopping the car. As another takes it's place he flips down his targeting visor and starts throwing more. With seconds to spare Mona pulls up at the Gelateria and punches her time card.
    • Dribble: Dribble and his friend Spitz run the Diamond Taxi company. While cruising around the city one night, they pick up a fare (using the player's name and gender) with a voice "like the sea". Dribble puts his foot down, tunes in the radio and starts the fare meter. They pull up near a lighthouse, and the passenger gets out and approaches the water. They turn into a merperson and leap into the sea, as Dribble and Spitz stand there in awe. As the sun rises and they wave farewell, they remember that they didn't get paid.
    • 9-Volt: 9-Volt skates home from school to his Nintendo-themed bedroom. He starts mixing away on his DJ decks, and loads up a game on his massive Game Boy machine. Suddenly, the news reporter appears to announce the release of the Game Boy Advance SP. 9-Volt grabs his skateboard - which transforms into a hoverboard - and zooms into town to buy one for himself.
    • Jimmy (Yellow Wig): Jimmy remixes the games from Jimmy, Mona, Dribble and 9-Volt.
    • Dr. Crygor: In his island laboratory, Crygor dances around while creating some kind of concoction. He picks it up and takes a sip, but immediately has to take a hurried trip to the mens room. When he's finished, the toilet explodes and flood the building. Crygor gets blasted out of the roof by a colossal jet of water. He attempts to use his jetpack to stop his fall, but when that fails to work, he is helped by a passing bird who carries him through the sky.
    • Orbulon: While approaching earth, Orbulon's spaceship is struck by a meteor. He sends out an SOS call which is answered by a passing ship of space bunnies, who drop an escape elevator down to him. Orbulon gets in and the bunnies begin to crank him up. When he gets there, they decide to drop him back into his own ship, which crash lands in Diamond City.
    • Kat: At a Japanese castle a dark, skeletal samurai appears in the night and attacks the prince/princess (using the player's name and gender again). Ana appears with a group of ninjas, but the samurai defeats them all. Ana sends a note away in the claws of a bird, who takes it to her sister, Kat. Kat makes the long trek to the castle with her dog Paw. Upon arrival, the creature has taken Ana hostage and has possessed the prince/princess. The girl rights her way through many rooms of the castle until she reaches the top. Once there, her attacks are blocked, until Paw transforms into a blade which Kat uses to finally defeat the samurai. Saying only "Such strength!", the samurai is destroyed, and Kat frees Ana and the prince/princess.
    • Jimmy (Red Wig): Jimmy remixes the games from Dr. Crygor, Orbulon and Kat.
    • Wario: Back at WarioWare, Inc., Wario is finished making the hardest games yet. He tosses the laptop into the air and it comes back down on Wario, merging with him. Once the player is finished with his set of microgames, he escapes from the computer and congratulates the player on completing the "testing".


    3 weeks later, WarioWare's first game goes on sale and Wario starts raking in the cash. Naturally, his staff start demanding their cut of the profits, so Wario grabs the cases of money and runs to the rocket he built on the side of the WarioWare, Inc. building. Crygor, who is still "swimming" through the skies, collides with the rocket. The money flies everywhere and Wario and Crygor fall into the ocean below, as the rest of the staff watch. After the cast credits roll, the game closes with Wario and Crygor paddling back to shore.

    Staff Credits

    The credits are shown against a backdrop of flying blue stars. Holding L or R will turn the background stars green or red respectively and make the music sound muffled or like it's on the radio. Holding a direction on the D-Pad turns the stars into hearts, the Gamecube logo, the Wario "W" or the Triforce. Finally, letting the credits run until they finish temporarily changes the main menu music to a more peaceful version.

    Remix Towers

    After the story is completed, there are four unlockable remix modes that include every microgame rather than a single genre. Each tower is represented by a different color pig.

    • Easy (Variety Tower): Starts off easier and slower, but no 1-ups can be earned.
    • Thrilling (1 Chance Mansion): Harder games from the start, and the player has only one life.
    • Hard (Building of Thrills): Starts off at a very high speed.
    • Total Boss (Hotel Future): Play through the boss stages in order. Unlike the other remixes, only completing a game will let you move on to the next.

    Unlockable Minigames

    By clearing stages and beating high scores in the main game, some playable minigames can be unlocked.

    Classic Game Remakes

    The original versions of these games also appear as microgames in 9-Volt's stage.

    • Dr. Wario: A remake of the NES version of Dr. Mario, a Tetris-like falling block game. Three colors are in play, one for each type of virus. Wario throws two-block-wide pills into the play field, which must be dropped and rotated into place so that the viruses are caught in a line of four matching color blocks. When all viruses have been destroyed, the game moves to the next level containing more viruses. The game goes up to level 99, but only levels up to level 20 can be selected initially. The speed can also be set by the player, from "Slo", "Med" and "Hi" (Hi has a different background pattern to Slo and Med). After beating stages 05, 10, 15 and 20 on med or hi speed, a small animation of the viruses stand on top of a tree is displayed, followed by a "Congratulations!" message and an item (different for each speed and level combo) flies across the screen. Beating stage 20 on hi speed shows the sky turn to night and the viruses are beamed aboard a UFO which flies away. However, if the pills pile all the way up and block the entrance, the game is over. There are several changes in this version, such as minor differences in graphics and sounds. Wario appears in place of Mario, the viruses look different and only one background song is available (Chill). The height of the playing area has been shrunk from 16 to 13 blocks and as such the virus count in each level is altered to accommodate the change.
    • Fly Swatter: A remake of the Coffee Break/Gnat Attack minigame from Mario Paint. The player has to swat the bugs as they fly onto the screen. There are various types of enemy, ranging from harmless flies to larger flies and dragonflies which fire at the player and bob-ombs which follow the player and detonate. Lives will occasionally float down the screen which the player can collect. After beating 100 enemies the boss fly will appear, and defeating him will move the player on to the next level. The boss fly gains a new move in each level. There are three difficulty levels, each with a different background pattern, which are looped. The levels get faster each time and each successful play-though of all three adds an icon to the top left of the screen. The only graphical changes to the original game are the player's hand (which uses Wario's glove rather than Mario's) and the characters which run across the screen after each round (the Mario characters are replaced with WarioWare staff).
    • Wario's Sheriff: A slightly-altered version of the 1979 arcade game Sheriff, featuring Wario in place of the titular sheriff. Wario stands in a square area with a small barrier (similar to the shields in Space Invaders) in the center of each side. 16 bandits walk around the edge of the area shooting at Wario, sometimes entering the center area with him. To beat a stage Wario must shoot every bandit while avoiding being shot or touching a bandit. Shooting a vulture - which flies across the top of the screen on occasion - will earn extra points, while beating three levels without getting shot doubles the score and gives the player an extra life. For some reason the graphics are all black and white in the GBA game, despite the original arcade version being colored. The play area is around half the size and the display has been squished down to fit on the horizontal screen but the number of bandits remains the same. There were some small gameplay changes though: the shoulder buttons make Wario turns 45 degrees; the walking speed is increased; and the movement delay from the original is removed. The extra life gained when surviving several levels is also a new feature to this release.

    Endless Microgames

    • Jump Forever: An endless version of the Jumpin' Rope microgame, starring Wario, Kat and Ana. The player simply jumps in time with the rope. The speed gets faster and faster every 10 jumps until 60, when the speed becomes randomized. At 80 jumps, the rope will be moved left and right and the player must move Wario between jumps so he is centered. At 90 jumps, the speed starts going up again until 120 when it permanently returns to random speeds. When first unlocked the rope is turned by the original microgame stick-figures, and the music is a country-style song. By completing their respective story stages, the music changes to that of Dribble's stage and Kat and Ana turn the rope. Every 30 jumps the background changes to Day, Sunset or Night, and at 100 jumps the ability to change the background music is added. The song choices are the original song, Koe No Tadayô Namima Made (from Dribble's stage) or Four Seasons (from Kat's stage, with lyrics displayed on screen).
    • Skating Board: An endless version of the City Surfer microgame, starring 9-Volt. The player has to dodge the obstacles (by jumping or ducking) and skate as far as possible. Every 20 obstacles the background scenery changes (between a city, grassy fields, the ocean, and flowery fields), and the speed rises. Later in the game, red birds appear in addition to the standard block obstacles, though dodging methods remain the same.
    • Paper Plane: An endless version of the Paper Plane microgame. The player must simply steer the paper plane down the tower, while avoiding obstacles. After every 30 obstacles passed, a WarioWare character will appear to tell you how long the last section took, the background color (and sometimes the music) will change, and the sky will become darker. Once the player reaches 150 points (Wario), the characters stop appearing and the tower no longer changes. This was released with new modes as the standalone DSiWare game Paper Airplane Chase.


    These two games were re-released as the standalone DSiWare game Bird & Beans.

    • Pyoro: The player must use Pyoro's stretchy tongue to eat falling beans before they hit the ground. If they do hit the ground a block is destroyed, restricting Pyoro's movement. The amount of points a bean is worth depends on how far it falls. They decrease in value from 1000 at the top to 300, 100, 50 and 10 just before it hits the ground. Grabbing a white bean makes an angel replace a destroyed block. Once the player reaches 5,000 points, a flashing bean appears which restores most of the ground and destroys every falling bean rewarding 50 points for each. Flashing beans appear again at 7,000, 9,000 and every thousand points after that. The background scenery changes as the points go up. Every 1,000 points a new building appears in the background and the sun sets, up until 10,000 points. At that point, night falls and shooting stars appear every thousand points. At 20,000 points, the game screen becomes sepia-toned (accompanied by new music) for the next ten thousand points, after which everything on screen becomes a white outline against a black background, with one more music track. At 40,000, the background lights start flashing different colors, and finally at 50,000 stars upwards appear in the background.
    • Pyoro 2: Very similar to Pyoro but rather than extending his tongue, Pyoro (now yellow) spits seeds at the falling beans. The seeds are spat at the same angle, but the player cannot see them due to their high speed, making it a little harder to aim. The scoring system has also been changed. All beans are now worth 50 points no matter where they are on screen. Instead, hitting more than one bean will increase the score earned for each one (100 each for two, 300 each for three, and 1000 each for four or more). The background changes in the exact same way as the original version, but with a different color sky and with different objects (in the same places as the first game though).

    2-Player VS. Minigames

    While WarioWare, Inc. does not include traditional multiplayer games, there are four games that have two players use a single GBA, controlling the game with just one shoulder button each. Each game is played until somebody wins three rounds.

    • Hurdle: Orbulon and Dr. Crygor run along a track. Each player has to press their shoulder button to make them jump hurdles. If a character doesn't jump, they stumble over and are slowed down. The first player to reach the end wins.
    • Dong Dong: Mona and Dribble stand on either side of a tower. A stick moves up and down on each side, which the players can poke the tower with. The object is to push a block onto the other player's character, while trying to stop them from doing the same to you. Occasionally, the speed will change.
    • Chicken Race: 9-Volt and Fronk are on skateboards at the start of a long grassy course. Each player must use pull back a foot and then use it to propel them along the course, without sending them over the cliff at the end. The player who goes farthest (without going over) wins. Before 9-Volt's stage is beaten, both characters are Fronk.
    • Chiritorie: Featuring Nintendo's late-70s remote controlled vacuum cleaner, and based on the microgame of the same name. Each player has a vacuum cleaner, which spins on the spot. Players press their button to make it move in the direction it's pointing in and pick up trash as it appears. Who gets the most pieces wins. After around 60 pieces of trash are picked up, Jimmy will walk across the screen. If he touches a vacuum, he'll make it spray some of it's collected trash back out for the other player to grab.

    Complete Microgame Listing

    Every microgame is listed below, sorted in the same order as the Grid menu in-game. Each category is based around a certain genre, with the exception of the Intro games and Wario's games. There are 213 microgames total (13 in Intro Games, and 25 in all other categories).

    Intro Games

    • Crazy Cars: Jump over the bizarre vehicles headed your way.
    • Wario Whirled: Stop the spinning platform that Wario is riding on.
    • Saving Face: Catch the falling stick.
    • Diamond Dig: Pilot a falling Wario towards a diamond.
    • Dodge Balls: Avoid the boulders by riding a go kart to safety.
    • Repellion: Shoot the spaceships. Keep in mind that you only get one shot for each!
    • Wario Wear: Dress Wario in the falling clothes.
    • Hectic Highway: Dodge the cars on the highway.
    • The Maze That Pays: Grab all of the coins in the maze.
    • Super Wario Bros.: Squash all of the Goomba's.
    • I Spy: Keep a spotlight focused on Wario until he surrenders.
    • Mug Shot: Catch the mug that comes sliding down the bar.
    • Boss Stage: Sparring Wario: Hit the punching bag until it comes off of its chain.

    Sports (Jimmy)

    • Log Chop: Chop the log when the power meter is in the red.
    • Fruit Shoot: Shoot the fruit with a bow and arrow.
    • Heads Up: Catch the baseball before it flies through the GBA screen.
    • Boing!: Move the trampoline to keep the person on it.
    • Spare Me: Pick up the spare by knocking down all of the pins in one shot.
    • Batter Up: Hit the baseball, it doesn't matter as long as you make contact.
    • Baseline Bash: Return the serve.
    • Butterfly Stroke: Swim to the finish line.
    • Hammer Toss: Get the shot put into the target area.
    • Balancing Act: Keep the balanced blocks from falling.
    • Putt For Dough: Putt the golf ball into the hole.
    • Ski Jump: Jump when the skiier crosses the flashing area.
    • Mountain Mountin': Climb the mountain by jumping across the clouds.
    • Guy Scraper: Land on top of the pile of gymnasts.
    • Lift & Shout: Lift the weight.
    • Pro Curling: Get the stone into the "house" (that's curling lingo apparently).
    • High Hoops: Shoot the basketball into the hoop.
    • Hurry Hurdles: Jump over the hurdles.
    • Gifted Goalie: Stop the soccer ball.
    • Jumpin' Rope: Jump rope with one of three bizarre characters.
    • Ring My Bell: Jump high enough on the trampoline to ring the bell.
    • Set-n-Spike: Win a game of volleyball by spiking the ball at the right moment.
    • City Surfer: Avoid the obstacles while riding a skateboard.
    • Snowboard Slalom: Ride a snowboard to the exit.
    • Boss Stage: Punch-Out: Defeat the boxers before they defeat you. Watch out for the mega-punch which can knock your boxer our in one hit!

    Strange (Mona)

    • Paper Plane: Pilot a paper plane past the platforms without hitting them.
    • Dry Eye: Place an eye drop on the person's eyeball.
    • Parking Prowess: Park the car without bumping other cars or the sides of the parking lot.
    • Butterfingers: Catch the toast as it pops out of the toaster.
    • Gold Digger: Pick your nose!
    • Terminal Velocity: Stop the train in front of the train station.
    • Chicken Pinch: Catch the "chicken" between the pincers.
    • Boom Box: Press the button when the tiny dot is inside the box to create a fireworks display.
    • Sloppy Salon: Cut the hair on the person's head until they are bald.
    • Page Panic: Stop the book on the right page.
    • Noodle-Rama: Roll all of the pasta onto the fork.
    • Right in the Eye: Put the thread through the eye of the needle.
    • I Came, I Saw: Saw through the log.
    • Douse the House: Put out the fire(s) on the building.
    • Sole Man: Dodge the giant foot falling from the sky,
    • Nighttime Allergies: Snort the mucus back up into the girl's nose.
    • Air Supplies: Drop the package onto the flatbed truck.
    • Toast the Ghosts: Shine the flashlight on all of the ghosts.
    • Tilt-n-Tumble: Move the ball through the gaps all the way to the bottom.
    • Pompeii Back: Dodge the boulder that comes out of the volcano.
    • Crash Test, Dummy!: Deploy the airbag at the right time to save the dummy/
    • Sunny-Side Up: Catch the egg in the frying pan.
    • Fries With That?: Put ketchup on all of the food. All of it.
    • The Brush Off: Brush the teeth.
    • Boss Stage: Nail Call: Hammer the nail into the ground without missing it once.

    Sci-Fi (Dribble)

    • Alien Ambush: Close the cage while the alien is inside.
    • Scooter Commuter: Angle your scooter so it makes the landing.
    • Space Fighter: Aim and shoot at the escaping spaceships.
    • Stick & Move: Hop along the wall, avoiding the sticks.
    • Classic Clash I: Jump and duck to avoid attacks.
    • Bubble Trouble: Grab the bubbles floating in front of you.
    • Super Fly: Move side-to-side to avoid the buildings.
    • Arrow Space: Sidestep to avoid the falling arrows.
    • Manic Mechanic: Move the robot parts as they fall so they stack up correctly.
    • UFO Assist: Avoid the shots fired by the spaceship.
    • Classic Clash II: Push the enemy back to defeat him.
    • Mars Ball Destroy: Find Mars and destroy it.
    • Hover for Cover: Hover up and down to avoid the asteroids.
    • Scoot or Die: Avoid the bombs as they land around your scooter.
    • Word Up: Shoot at the "?" panels to reveal letters.
    • Ninja Pipe Cleaner: Move around a pipe to take out a ninja.
    • Classic Clash III: Input the combo correctly to attack the enemy.
    • Zero to Hero: Transform when the meter is full.
    • Tidal Cave: Move up and down to avoid the waves.
    • Mars Jars: Avoid the glass before it falls and traps you.
    • Space Escape: Avoid the bullets until the time runs out.
    • Ninja Vision: Watch the ninja and answer how many you saw.
    • Slick Wheelie: Pull a wheelie over a rock without messing up.
    • Bam-Fu: Strike when the meter is full.
    • Boss Stage: Galaxy 2003: Fight waves of enemies as they come, and destroy the boss.

    Nintendo (9-Volt)

    • Balloon Fight: Float along without hitting the sparks.
    • Duck Hunt: Shoot the ducks as they pass through you cross-hairs.
    • Game Boy: Insert the cartridge as it passes over the slot.
    • Donkey Kong: Jump over the barrels.
    • F-Zero: Avoid hitting other racers.
    • Family Basic: Move the arrow to type the specified letter.
    • Super Mario Bros.: Jump on the Goomba's.
    • Ultra Hand: Extend the Ultra Hand to grab the ball when it is lined up.
    • Chiritorie: Press the button to move the vacuum and collect trash.
    • Laser Outlaw: Shoot the target on the outlaw when the gun is lined up.
    • Hogan's Alley: Shoot the bandits but avoid civilians.
    • Mario Paint: Fly Swatter: Swat the flies as they pass under the swatter.
    • Ice Climber: Grab onto the bird.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Run into the doorway.
    • Sheriff: Shoot the specified number of enemies.
    • Dr. Mario: Make a line of four colors to kill the virus.
    • Racing 112: Avoid the other vehicles.
    • Mario Clash: Throw the item at the enemy.
    • Helmet: Walk across the screen without being hit by falling objects.
    • Urban Champion: KO your opponent when he lets his guard down.
    • Stack-Up: Grab the stack of disks when the arms are lined up.
    • Metroid: Fire at Mother Brain until she is destroyed.
    • Wild Gunman: Win the quick-draw duel.
    • LazerBlazer: Take out all of the missiles.
    • Boss Stage: Ultra Machine: Successfully hit the specified number of baseballs.

    Reality (Dr. Crygor)

    • Banana Munch: Peel and eat the banana.
    • Mirror Mirror: Angle the mirrors towards the target.
    • Wrong Way Highway: Avoid the other cars.
    • Bad Man Bash: Defend yourself from the attackers.
    • Berry Berry Good: Drop the strawberry on the cake.
    • Cat Nap: Send the cat to sleep.
    • Make My Clay: Build the clay creature to make it grab the falling boulder.
    • Rough Puff: Expand the puffer-fish to defend itself.
    • Hard Core: Eat the apple.
    • Cymbalism: Catch the musical notes in the cymbals.
    • Mashin' Martians: Squash all the martians.
    • Body Block: Use the person to bounce the ball back up.
    • Funky Fountain: Spray the object when the fountain is lined up.
    • Assembly Line: Land the car body on the wheels correctly.
    • What's Your Beef?: Cut through the beef.
    • Spoon Spectacular: Bend the spoon.
    • Whoop-De-Doodle: Draw a line to the star.
    • Raging Rhino: Taunt the rhino with the cape.
    • Veg Out: Line up the correct bottom half of the vegetable.
    • Quickie Quiz: Answer the question by selecting the correct object.
    • Cheeky Monkey: Catch the apples in the basket.
    • Pod Pinch: Pinch the peas in the pod so that they fly out.
    • Shake!: Shake paws with the dog.
    • Kettle Mettle: Stop the light in the correct area to cut the heat.
    • Boss Stage: Alien Laser Hero: Use the eye beam to destroy the alien objects falling to Earth.

    I.Q. (Orbulon)

    • Praise or Haze II: Select the word that best fits the sentence.
    • Code Buster: Input the buttons as the screen says.
    • Noodle Cup: Pour water down the tube leading to the noodle cup.
    • Petri Panic: Use the magnifying glass to find the microscopic creature.
    • Maze Daze: Reach the maze exit.
    • What's the Toadal?: Count the number of toads that hop across the screen.
    • Find My Behind: Choose the back that matches the front of the example.
    • Cavity Calamity: Get the creature into the safe space before the ceiling crushes it.
    • Sphinx Hijinx: Choose the piece that fits the pyramid.
    • Gear Head Fred: Turn the gears to save the man.
    • Getcha Groove On: Dance as the instructor dictates.
    • Odd Man Out: Select the odd object out.
    • The Great Cover-Cup: Select the cup that hides the ball.
    • Four Leaf Hover: Find the four leaf clover.
    • Tip the Scale: Select the heavier side of the scales.
    • The Real McCoy: Choose which object is the correct one.
    • Identity Crisis: Select the item that flew past the screen.
    • Electric Groove Fish: Move the electrical charge from the fish to the city.
    • Strength In Numbers: Choose which group contains more creatures.
    • Button Masher: Push the buttons represented on the screen.
    • Catterwall: Select the correct cat.
    • Focus-Pocus: View the blurred image and the choose the correct object.
    • Matchboxes: Fit the shapes into the correct holes.
    • Garage Rock: Copy the performance.
    • Boss Stage: Dungeon Dilemma: Defeat the monster by selecting the correct menu options.

    Nature (Kat)

    • Hare Scare: Press the buttons to hit the rabbits.
    • Munch a Bunch: Eat all the shapes.
    • Lickety-Split: Lick up all the flies.
    • Flower Shower: Water the potted plant.
    • Go Fer the Tater: Dig to the potato, without hitting any rocks.
    • Picture Perfect: Take a picture of the object as it flies past the screen.
    • Leafy Greens: Collect the leaf.
    • Crane Game: Grab the fish in the crane's beak.
    • Veggie Might: Pluck the vegetables out of the ground.
    • Mouse Trap: Trap the mouse under the bowl.
    • Coconut Catapult: Drop the boulder to launch the catapult.
    • Bug Bite: Get the mosquito to the baby when there's a clear path.
    • Disc O'Dog: Catch the Frisbee as it flies through the air.
    • Fruit Fall: Catch the falling fruit.
    • Penguin Shuffle: Walk without bumping into the penguin in front or behind.
    • Two Birds, Big Rocks: Get the bird to take out the wood between the rocks.
    • Hoppin' Mad: Direct the frog to the ball.
    • Worm Squirm: Squirm into the wet footprint.
    • Kitty Cover: Keep the kitten dry.
    • The Claw: Use the crane to grab a prize.
    • Spunky Monkey: Jump from tree to tree to get the bananas.
    • Crack Down: Jump when the giant strikes the ground to protect the egg.
    • Raaaarrrrggghh: Scare all the people off the screen.
    • Blow Hole Bridge: Walk across the whales' backs while avoiding the water jets.
    • Boss Stage: The Frog Flap: Hop from cloud to cloud without falling.

    Anything Goes (Wario)

    • Wario Bros.: Grab the coin.
    • Hot Dog Hog: Eat the entire hot dog.
    • Shingle Smasher: Punch through the shingle when the meter is full.
    • Produce Pandemonium: Move left and right to avoid the falling food.
    • Laser Vision: Destroy the eye drop bottle.
    • Wario Windsock: Wind the windsock to the top of the mast.
    • High Treeson: Shake the tree to steal all the apples.
    • Rock Paper Scissors: Win the game.
    • Wario Pinball: Don't lose any of the balls.
    • Mix & Match: Assemble Wario's face.
    • Down & Outie: Pull Wario's shirt down, without ripping it.
    • Thumb Wrestling: Pin the other thumb.
    • Float Your Boat: Land Wario on the inflatable safely.
    • Vermin: Squash the moles as they appear.
    • Apple Shrapnel: Crush the apple.
    • Unexcite Bike: Avoid the holes and other bikes.
    • Hasty Pastry: Avoid being grabbed by the hand.
    • Wario Facial: Select the correct parts of Wario's face.
    • Grow Wario Grow: Grab the mushroom before it touches Mario.
    • Loot Scoot: Smash through walls to escape with the treasure.
    • Airpain: Shoot down oncoming planes.
    • Wario Kendo: Grab the weapon before it hits Wario.
    • Bug Birdie: Push the golf ball into the hole.
    • Sinking Feeling: Grab the umbrella mid-fall.
    • Boss Stage: Wario's Adventure: Jump and duck to avoid obstacles and then avoid the falling objects. After that, do both at the same time. Grab the jetpack and destroy the enemies, then collect all the batteries and burst through the ceiling. Defeat the boss using the boomerang and then outrun the boulder to escape.


    There are two songs with Japanese vocals included in this game. They can be heard in their respective stages, during Jump Forever, or by pressing L on the Name Entry screen (which cycles through the two vocal songs and Crygor's Theme, like a very basic Sound Test).

    Koe No Tadayô Namima Made Lyrics

    The title has two English translations in other WarioWare games: "Drifting Away" in WarioWare, In.: Mega Party Game$ and "Floating Voices" in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. This song plays during Dribble's story stage, and during the Jump Forever game (after Dribble's Stage is beaten or the song selection is unlocked). The second section plays twice during Jump Forever.

    Koganeiro no anata no kûpe

    Tappuri batâ o nutte ageru wa

    Machi o nukete sanbashi e

    Rettsu Gô Rettsu Doraibu

    Iki o tome me o tojite

    1 2 3

    Nureru hoho muchû de oyoge


    Namima ni tadayô koe o furi kitte

    Koganeiro no anata no kûpe

    Sasayaku namima de hitoyasumi

    Four Seasons Lyrics

    Known as "Haru-Natsu-Aki-Fuyu" in Japanese. This plays during Kat's story stage and during Jump Forever once the the song selection is unlocked. When playing this song in Jump Forever, the "Home" lyrics (below) are shown.

    Madobe ni sotto hoho yosereba

    Tôku de nijimu isaribi

    Yubisaki de yotsuyu nugûte mitemo

    Kokoro wa hare masenu

    Areru namima tadayô chigiri

    Itsuka meguriau made


    Kyô mo umi wa moyu

    Yûgure kurenahi no yamahada

    Ikutabi nandomo somaredo

    Ano hi no anata tono chigiri wa mune ni

    Ima mo ase masenu

    Tatoe yamase tsumetaku fuke domo

    Shinobi shinon de


    Kyô mo yama wa moyu

    Home Lyrics

    These lyrics are shown when Four Seasons is selected as the song in Jump Forever, however they are not an actual translation of the Japanese song.

    One day (hey), your sweet letter arrived,

    Reminding me of our home town.

    My thoughts drifted back over our love's memory,

    sweet dreams of the time our hearts bound.

    Through a soft veil of pale, shimmering petals

    My soul floats away, helpless in passion's sway,

    I miss home: you are my home.

    Kokoro, once lost, now found.


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