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An elevator interior from Half-Life 2.
An elevator interior from Half-Life 2.

The elevator is used to get from one floor of a building to another with ease and also without climbing stairs. The elevator is also used for stealth and also comical purposes in games. Elevators use elevator shafts to pull the elevator up and down. Elevator shafts usually have 2 to 3 elevators side by side. If a elevator cable breaks the elevator falls to the bottom of the shaft. Most elevators have a emergency call button and also a removable plate of top of the elevator for repairs or a way off the elevator if it is broken.

Many games have what's referred to as an "elevator sequence" where the player is on an elevator moving up or down, and they must fend off enemies during the ride. Some games are guilty of using elevators frequently to mask loading screens, an example being Mass Effect.

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