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    Mona is a teenage girl from the WarioWare series, who loves her scooter.

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    Mona's Intro from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$

    Occupation: High school student
    Place of Employment: Sora Sora
    Preferred Type: Wild guys
    This peppy high-school girl keeps busy with schoolwork, a part-time job at the restaurant, her red scooter. For some reason, she's a little smitten with Wario. Ew


    In the original game, Mona's theme was "Weird". Through the games, Mona has been a gelato server, a soda jerk, a pizza waitress, a bun vendor, a rock bassist, a cheerleader, and a treasure hunter. It appears to be a running gag to give her a new job, or even multiple new jobs in each game. She rides a scooter to work, and has a few pets (a tiny elephant and a monkey) to keep the police from giving her speeding tickets. Her color motif is usually bright red and navy blue.

    Mona Pizza's logo appears to be based on her (posing like the Mona Lisa) and her band is called the Hawt Slices (a callback to the lyrics of the "Mona Pizza" song).

    She appears to have a crush on Wario, and thinks he's "way cool", despite others questioning her taste in men. Like the other WarioWare employees, she is continually not paid by Wario, but still returns in each incarnation of the series. A football player for the team she cheers for appears to have an unrequited crush on her in Smooth Moves, but she doesn't seem to notice him.

    Mona Pizza Theme

    The Mona Pizza theme song was introduced in Twisted as background music for Mona's stage. By having Twisted and Touched in a DS at the same time, a music video for the song is unlocked. A remixed version was also created for Super Smash Bros. Brawl's WarioWare stage, in both English and Japanese.

    English Lyrics (Mona Pizza)

    This here is Mona Pizza
    Makers of the world's best eats-a
    Fresh sauce and cheese gal-ore
    Brought straight to your front do-or
    (Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!)

    This here is Mona Pizza (Buon giorno!)
    Makers of all tasty treats-a (Buono!)
    Our pies' crispy crunchy cru-sts (Bellissima!)
    Leaves others in the d-ust (Mamma mia!)

    Grab a hot slice and take a big bite
    It's so good that you'll start a fight for more

    Mona Pizza (I'm the manager of this joint!)
    Mona Pizza (My name is Joe!)
    Mona Pizza (It's a pizza art!)
    Mona Pizza! (I said a "pizza art," ahahahaha!)

    We represent Pizza Dinosaur
    We got the most stores in the world
    Our crust is tough and our sauce is thin
    But we're everywhere, so you gotta give in

    Mona Pizza's got nothing on us
    'Cause we've got six thousand stores plus!

    Pizza Dinosaur!
    Pizza Dinosaur!
    Wahahahahha! Wahahahahha!

    Japanese Lyrics (Kochira * Mona Pizza)

    Kochira Mona Piza
    Atsu-Atsu dekitate
    Aijô o komete
    Otodoke shimasû
    (GO! GO! GO! GO!)

    Kochira Mona Piza (Bon jôruno!)
    Tappuri chîsu ni (Bôno!)
    Kari-Kari piza kiji (Moruto bôno!)
    Hoppe ga ochiruwa (Manma mîya!)

    Hitokuchi tabeta nara
    Dô ni mo todomaranai (1, 2, 3, GO!)

    Mona Piza (Watashi ga tenchô no)
    Mona Piza (Jô de gozaimasu)
    Mona Piza (Umainda Jô)
    Mona Piza (Umaindajô, datte gufufufu)

    Oretachi wa Piza Dainasô
    Oretachi no Piza sekai ichi
    Tsuyokute takakute pawafuru de (Subarashî)
    Hayakute atsukute me ga mawaru (Maitta ka)

    Mona Piza henachoko sa
    Oretachi ga saikô (Ikuze)

    Piza Dainasô
    (Wâhahhahhahhahhahhahha Wâhahhahhahhahhahhahha)


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