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    Game & Wario

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 23, 2013

    A Wii U launch window release, switching rapid-fire WarioWare microgames for a more traditional minigame format.

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    Off-screen photo from E3 2012
    Off-screen photo from E3 2012

    Game & Wario is a WarioWare successor for Wii U announced at E3 2012. Rather than the hundreds of microgames of previous installments, Game & Wario features 16 more traditional minigames. It uses only the Wii U GamePad and features both single-player games and pass-the-GamePad multiplayer for up to 5 players.

    The name of the game, and the singles names and iconography of the minigames are a parody of Game & Watch naming conventions and artwork.

    Some of the games included, such as Pirate, were originally featured as tech demos for the Wii U at E3 2011.

    Single Player

    ARROW (Wario)

    The GamePad is used as a bow to attack enemies approaching on the TV screen; the gyroscope is used to aim and the touchscreen is used to draw the string back and fire. The GamePad can also be raised to block incoming cannonballs. Enemies include toy Warios and a massive Wario tank.

    SHUTTER (Mona)

    The GamePad is used like a camera to take photos of criminals hidden in a town displayed on the TV. Players have to find specific people on the screen and then take clear photos of them with increased rewards for better pictures.

    SKI (Jimmy T.)

    Players must tilt a vertically-oriented GamePad to maneuver a Jimmy T. down a snow slope. A map is displayed on the touch screen, and the skier is shown on the TV to entertain onlookers.

    PATCHWORK (Kat & Ana)

    A puzzle game in which the player must place patchwork pieces into the proper spaces on a grid in order to form pictures. It is played by dragging pieces into place on the GamePad screen.

    KUNG-FU (Young Cricket)

    The player must jump across an obstacle course while collecting meat buns to maintain Young Cricket's energy. The map is viewed from an overhead perspective on the GamePad, which must be tilted to direct Young Cricket's direction of movement as he jumps.

    GAMER (9-Volt & 18-Volt)

    Gameplay takes the form of a regular WarioWare game on the Gamepad, featuring randomized, rapid-fire microgames. A twist is added in the form of 9-Volt's mother, who is prowling to ensure he isn't staying up late playing games. After clearing three difficulty levels, an Endless mode is unlocked.

    Clearing the high score in Endless unlocks 18-Volt mode, which plays like a regular WarioWare endless mode. There are three variants: regular mode, an ultra fast mode, and a Hardcore mode (one life).

    All 22 individual microgames can all be unlocked for standalone endless play in the Cluck-A-Pop.

    DESIGN (Dr. Crygor)

    A minigame based on drawing lines of specific lengths and shapes on the GamePad. The more accurately the player follows Dr. Crygor's directions, the better the score.

    ASHLEY (Ashley)

    A side-scrolling action game in which the primary action is displayed on the TV. The player must guide Ashley through each course by tilting the GamePad to the left and right to change the angle of her path and collect magical energy orbs. The player loses if Ashley runs out of energy, which is lost when she is hit by enemies or runs into obstacles. If the player is particularly careless, Ashley will become frustrated, and the action will pause momentarily so the player can calm on her the GamePad screen to prevent energy loss.

    TAXI (Dribble & Spitz)

    A driving/action game shown from the first person on the GamePad with an overhead map of the region displayed on the TV. The player must drive a taxi around, and then use the gyroscope in the GamePad to aim and shoot down enemy targets so that passengers can be rescued and delivered safely for a fare.

    PIRATE (Captain Wario)

    A rhythm game in which the player must follow audio cues to block incoming arrow five from multiple directions. Once complete, the player must then emulate Wario's dance moves, similar to the rhythm portions of the earlier WarioWare titles.


    A bowling game featuring the WarioWare cast as the pins, played holding the GamePad vertically.

    BIRD (Pyoro)

    A remake of the classic WarioWare unlockable Bird & Beans (Pyoro in Europe), in which you attempt to catch falling beans on Pyoro's tongue. If a bean hits the ground a block is removed, restricting movement, but eating a white bean can restore one block. If Pyoro is hit on the head, the game is over.

    The GamePad display shows a simple Game & Watch representation of the game in black-and-white LCD style, while the TV shows a colorful, HD version of the game.

    Miiverse SKETCH (Orbulon)

    A single-player version of the Sketch game in which drawing prompts are submitted to and taken from Miiverse. Drawings made are also shared to Miiverse.


    SKETCH (Orbulon)

    Players: 2-5

    A Pictionary-style sketch game in which players draw using the GamePad.

    FRUIT (Penny)

    Players: 2-5

    A town full of people is displayed on the screen, and players take turns to anonymously control a character in the scene to steal fruit. The other players must then use the GamePad to uncover the suspect amongst the crowd.

    DISCO (Mike)

    Players: 2

    Players place the GamePad vertically between themselves and each take one half of the screen.

    ISLANDS (Fronk)

    Players: 2-5


    The Cluck-A-Pop (Chick-N-Win in Europe) capsule machine dispenses unlockable bonuses in exchange for the tokens you earn during single player mode. Unlockables include microgames, character profiles, minigame hints, and assorted oddball toys, similar to previous WarioWare games. The staff credits and ending cutscene can also be viewed here. There are 240 unlockable items in the Collection.

    Microgame List

    These games (listed as "Balloon Fighter" games) are from the GAMER mode and can be unlocked individually in the Collection for endless play.

    • Gold Digger
    • Sole Man
    • Mole
    • Break!
    • Rollout
    • Spotlight
    • Super Fly Swatter
    • Dinosaur
    • Eye Exam
    • Ball (G&W)
    • Samurai Slice
    • Matryoshka
    • Fake Out
    • Dachshund
    • Bananas
    • Fish
    • Loose Tooth
    • Allergy Attack
    • Transform!
    • Homeward
    • Record Guy
    • Windbag (Boss Stage)

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