Paper Airplane Chase

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Apr 27, 2009

    A DSiWare port of a popular minigame from the original WarioWare, in which you guide a paper plane down a tower.

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    Paper Airplane Chase (Paper Plane in Europe) is a standalone release of the Paper Plane minigame from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$. The DSi release adds a couple of extra modes, but retains the same graphics and gameplay of the original. While WarioWare isn't associated with this release, the characters still appear during the Endless mode, but with their artwork updated to their Smooth Moves appearances and with newer characters added. In addition, the tower view is stretched onto the bottom screen (all actual gameplay still takes place on the top screen, though).

    Game Modes

    • Endless: The original game from WarioWare. The tower is randomly generated, and each section gets progressively harder. An extra point is given for every obstacle passed, which is saved as a high score at the end. Each section is 30 obstacles long, and a change is marked by a WarioWare character (who says your current time), as well as changes to the wall color and sometimes music. The sky also gets darker as the player progresses. The changes stop at 150 floors.
    • Time Attack: New for the DSiWare release. Eight stages are included (five of which are unlocked initially), which the player must complete as fast as possible. Best times are saved for each stage.
    • Race: Similar to the multiplayer Paper Plane game from the Gamecube version of WarioWare. Each player takes one screen of the DSi, and either the D-pad or face buttons to control their plane. Unlike the other modes, crashing does not end the game.
    By beating the high score on all the Time Attack stages, the credits screen is unlocked under Settings.


    Paper Airplane Chase is available on the DSi Shop for 200 Nintendo DSi Points. It takes up 12 blocks in the DSi internal memory.

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